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A glorious day for the development team and for all those waiting to play!

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Today marks a very special day...Version 1.0 of Beta is officially released!
A few final additions to the game and Beta is ready to rock.
We'd like to know what you all think of Arania so far with its current content and because maps are updated live on the server, we can constantly add new maps and implement content that you already have in your files without you having to add a patch onto the game (woop for planning)

Currently implemented features:

Dungeon locations
Several enemies (At first the only enemy you will find is the orc, but give it a few days and we'll be shoving some more in)
armour (you'll never find it!)
Unique items (enchanted stuff, so to speak, so they give attribute bonuses)
Shops (They work. They used to pay you instead of charging you)
Chat system (unfortunately interactive chats with NPC's is a work in progress, but you can still have NPC's that will say one-line of chat to you)
Events (Admin must initiate them)
Resources (Currently only woodcutting is implemented)
Many more items that we cant think off of the top of our heads

Things we HAVENT implemented yet that we WILL implement during Beta:

A Map of Arania
More Enemies
More Character Classes
More Spells
More areas
New NPC's
A New GUI sometime before a V1.0 release
And more...

Things we purposefully WILL NOT implement during Beta

The Main Storyline (We want to leave that till the end as one big piece)
The Continent of Pasloan (It will tie in with the main story and require an additional thousand maps or so)
Along with some pretty good stuff that we want to keep till V1.0 of the finished game.

Known Bugs:

1.Certain Music tracks played in Arania - Forgotten Lands as background music appear to glitch and a certain note in the song repeats itself until the application is closed. This currently has only happened when headphones have been used.

2. Some NPC's can glitch the player on the spot until an admin moves them by moving onto their tile (which should not be possible as only 1 character/NPC may be on a tile at once). This only happens on rare occasions and it is currently unknown why.

3. If (For Example) Player 1 requests a trade with Player 2, and Player 2 requests a trade with Player 1 at roughly the same time, and then Player 1 accepts his trade offer and they trade, upon pressing accept it will crash the client. This is a known error in the coding and should be fixed soon.

Other bugs will be listed later.

We sincerely hope you enjoy Arania - Forgotten lands Beta!

The Infinitus Designs Team

Traslogan - Head Developer

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