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Loss's Star Base Beta uploaded for SOSE Rebellion 1.1

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This is the beta version of my Star Base mod. I am hoping that you all enjoy it. Expecting some new stuff listed below for the release version, but could change on comments or suggestions.

Tech full upgraded / researched star base Tech full upgraded / researched star base

Star Base Balance
- Weapons Dmg / Burst for all the races.
- Trade advantages modified
- New star base skills.
- Possibly revamp on skill already can be learned.
- Star Base Specific Fighters / Bomber Combination etc. Possibly even escort defenders.
- Revamp on costs / research / training time.

Loss's Star Base Mod - Beta

I would love as much information on your thoughts. I know one comment made by friends is things have a high cost, and I agree this is a major fix that I will need to fix. I also think a great idea was possibly adding a Extractor to star bases was a wonderful idea posted to me.

Thanks for any help or idea's,

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