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We’ve made some massive adjustments to our melee combat system in this new update, but the new features don’t end there! Artificial Intelligence has been enhanced, new sounds have been added, and plenty of bugs have been fixed.

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New Beta Update - Build

The new beta can be downloaded via the Downloads page on our main website.

As always, please check to make sure your feedback/bugs/suggestions haven't already been addressed before posting. Thank you for playing our game!

Change Log

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Added Content
  • Completely revamped the melee combat system.
    • You can now freely move while swinging a melee weapon.
    • You can now freely move while blocking with a melee weapon.
    • Blocking will now always block an attack, mitigating a random percentage of the damage.
    • Damage mitigation is based off chance and Melee Specialization.
    • Enemies using melee weapons will now be more strategic and defensive.
  • Turrets now have a short “acquiring target” phase when discovering an enemy.
  • Added new sounds for lockers.
  • The Summoned Drone now properly targets enemies and no longer shoots at walls.
  • Added new sounds for the Summoned Drone power.
  • Added new sounds for the Pulse Pistol and Pulse Rifle.
  • Decreased the overall damage of melee weapons to balance with new changes to the melee system.
  • Added a new spawning effect for the Deploy Drone power
  • RICO will now heal the player in combat whenever the player’s health goes below 30%.
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Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug in the AI where guards would sometimes rapidly toggle crouching while firing their weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where leveling up with a sword equipped would crash the game.
  • The guard at the introduction of the first level is now much easier to dispose of.
  • Items spawned from containers no longer fall through the game world.
  • You can now properly cancel out of the character creation menu.
  • Lockers in the Robotics Department now function properly as containers.
  • Fixed RICO’s health so that he is much more useful in battle.
  • Fixed the Summoned Drone’s starting health to be much more modest.
  • You can no longer spawn an infinite amount of drones. (Sorry, guys)
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Known Issues
  • The Drone has some troubles coming out of alert mode.
  • Some items are difficult to pick up when dropped on the ground.
  • Ability Quickslots clear when moving from one level to the next.
  • It is possible to shoot through objects of a given size.
  • Energy Weapons sometimes malfunction when in the lobby of the Robotics Department.
  • Saving and Loading have been disabled.
  • Some objects in the game world do not have sound.
  • The shotgun has no reload animation.
  • Particle effects sometimes stay on enemies even after they have died.
  • The drone has no death effect.
  • Some powers aren’t plugged in yet and don’t work.
  • Enemies can kill themselves when throwing grenades.
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Upcoming Features
  • Further balancing of AI behavior.
  • Drone and Mech enemy types.
  • Boss battle at the end of the Cargo level.
  • Item quickslot usage and assignment.
  • Level occlusion for all level environments.
  • Better tutorials and descriptions.

If you like what you’ve seen so far, be sure to let us know! We are active every day on our forums and do our best to answer questions as they come. The open beta period will last for several more weeks and once finished will become the game’s official demo.

Viewpoint Games Team

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