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The second update of Monkeys & Dragons' beta version fixes bugs, introduces atmospheric improvements and realizes feature requests from beta testers.

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I spent the last days with improving the current beta test version of Monkeys & Dragons. I want to thank all beta testers who sent me e-mails in the last days. The feedback was very positive and I thank you for all the ideas you sent me. Many suggestions are already part of this update.

If you want to get a free copy of Monkeys & Dragons to beta test it, your next chance is here on IndieDB!

Chapter 2 is going to be published next week.

New features

  • Added support for Steam Cloud
  • The quest journal lists all tasks you need to do for the current chapter.

Souvenir Shop


  • When advancing to a new chapter, the unlocked scenes are displayed.
  • The map in the Souvenir Shop now has the same Pixel Art style as the shop.
  • After using certain one-use objects in the world, they can now longer be examined or used.



  • There is a new option to use always white dialog texts. This is meant to support color blind people.


  • Dan gives now two rewards after completing his task. In case you played the game before this update, you will get the item before you need it. Don't worry!
  • When controls are locked during cutscenes, a proper text is displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Improved mouse behaviour when moving the mouse cursor over different types of discoverable objects.
  • The game version and copyright information in the main menu are now displayed larger and in Pixel Art style.
  • The game is now started in fullscreen by default.

Bug Fixes

  • A problem that could cause game crashes has been fixed.
  • The main menu showed the wrong game version number.
  • It was possible to collect one item in two different scenes. Now, you can only collect it once - in any of these scenes.
  • It was possible to interrupt the sequence in which you defeat the spearmaster.
  • The interactions with the spearmaster looked odd with certain fullscreen resolutions.
  • Movement animations for the Beautiful Woman and the Monkey were wrong for certain fullscreen resolutions.
  • The overlay animations could be have the wrong size, if the screen resolution changed while playing the game.
  • It was possible to use a certain item combination twice, although it should only be possible once.
  • FIxed several typos
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