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The first update of the pre-Early Access version features several atmospheric improvements like new sound effects and new game features like auto-saving.

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Last week, the first 75 beta testers gained access to Monkeys & Dragons. Today, I want to publish the first update of the pre-Early Access version of the game. More updates will follow soon. Your next chance to beta test Monkeys & Dragons and to get a free copy of the game is next here week on IndieDB!

The patch notes below are as generic as possible to avoid spoilers!


  • New sound effects were added to various scenes, e.g. when using the shovel or when you advance to the next chapter.
  • The duration of one of the rat's animations has been increased.
  • The description of the city's gate has been changed to City centre

Dialogs & Puzzles

  • When talking to Dan or the spearmaster more than once, their initial monologue is shorter.
  • The name of one object in the spearmaster estate has been changed to give a hint how to defeat her.


  • The game does auto-save whenever you enter a new scene.
  • When you walk away from an object you just examined, any visible texts becomes hidden.
  • The display duration of the chapter advancement screen has been slightly reduced.


  • You could get multiple rewards from Dan after talking to him several times after solving his task.
  • Fixed two typos in dialog texts
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