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Beta testing has begun. Sorry it took so long. Expect a week or two before release. Yay!

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Hey friends!

Beta testing has begun!
Well, at least I have sent the CS to the beta testers.
Hopefully nothing big and dangerous will occur, so that I soon can release this mod.

It has taken me forever to get done, and I'm sorry about that.

Now I can actually finally see and end to it!
No release date yet, as I have no idea how long it will take to beta test.

Expect a week or two.

Appart from that, a lot of people have helped me with this mod, and I'm really grateful for that. That I can release the final product is even better :)

This will probably also be my last creation in HPL2 (The amnesia editor). I'm going to move on to Unity as soon as possible now.

SOMA also comes out at some point. Perhaps we get HPL3?

Stay tuned for release.

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