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the Beta is here at last! The first step into perfecting my project is out and ready for download (once its approved of course) remember some of the things that make the full lost Islands game are still not added but will be included in the next beta.

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As promised i have now released a beta for The Lost Islands map i have been working on all month. The map includes all the heros and their units and buildings. Transportation is also finished, some creeps have been added that respawn after a while. There are some random events as well but not all of them have been added but i am still working on them. I did manage to finish a variety of them, but mostly random creep spawns but there are some other ones that are more large scale or ones that you just wouldnt see coming. Since they are meant to be random they are kind of out of the way for some of them, so plz dont complain how you played and found barely any randoms. There are a couple random events that are a bit obvious but only because they were a bit large scale so i didnt want ppl getting swamped with randoms in the first few minutes. Some of the obvious ones could be used possibly to your advantage against other players or will be activated by rlly dumb players. But the random events arent the main idea so those were all done in like a week and may be a bit rough but not too bad. Have fun and enjoy. Plz comment on things that need to be improved. Dont say what needs to be added because im aware that this isnt 100% done but none of the randoms and speacials have anything missing thats needed to activate it so they should all work. I will not be able to work a whole lot on this map anymore once school starts (the 8th) but i will whenever i get the chance so dont think that this is gonna die out after today. After the first few weeks of school ill b able to work again, first year of high school so ill need to get into the swing of things again.

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