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Information on the release of Steam and Steel Total War

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Beta Release version of Steam and Steel. Includes two world campaigns

***DONT PLAY OTHER CAMPAIGNS*** (they don't exist and are in another mod folder not yet available!)

The mod unfortunately doesn't have as much content as I was planning. I will, of course, add that content later, just limited by IRL stuff now.

Some of the stuff I plan to do:

UI overhaul
Embassies/Consulates (I think Afghans have a Russian embassy available)
Overhaul generic event pictures
Unit info cards
Unit descriptions

Airships and tanks for the Clockwork Empires sub-campaign

lots of scripts!

more content writing in general for better immersion

all the sub-campaigns!


SS Team & friends
Hazado for the moderation of the discord, content writing, references, and other text work.
cirnoski (1&2) for his countless works in content writing and references
Croissant/ Metal Pigeon for his references and his excellent models (hopefully a lot more to come!)
Shun for his overhaul of the edu and export_units, and hopefully soon the edb!
Pazu for his all his knowledge on 19th century warfare
Tinuvieltinuviel for all his bug hunts

all the modders on the m2tw modders discord for thier help

Uanime5 for permission to use Eras Conquest as a base mod
evenmov/againster for permission to use the sigh of empire models
Eldar for permission to use his between empires models
arsonicus for permission to use his Americas map (future sub-campaigns)

Yaboi and the Lucium Total War team for launcher codes and tons of help I’m with modding information

And probably many more! I'll come back to add once I remember!

Future of SS

I don't have much time to mod these days, but hopefully, in a month or two ill be much more involved. expect tons of new units for all the sub-campaigns and all the things mentioned above. We have lots of cool maps for theaters all around the world from central Asia for the great game to the scramble for Africa, and from the far east to the Americas; we also cant forget Europe which should last until the end of WW1! I also plan to improve the clockwork empires mod by adding a ton more steampunk units and zeppelins/tanks!

-content writing


Please contact me or Hazado if you're able to help!

Known Bugs
crash on thai elephants unit
scratchy music sounds for a song or two
UI is....a mess...

Enjoy Steam & Steel Total War!

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Nice one

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