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This is the Beta Release for my mod. Extract the File into your Dow II Retribution main folder, and launch with Astartes.bat This is a beta release, so it has a few bugs and balance is not yet perfect. Please leave any such feedback as a comment in this news section, not the general mod comment section, so that I can find them easier.

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Races , tactics, and units:

Space marines heroes all have a separate race attached.
Chapter commander is Adeptus Astartes, unlocking the contemporary 40k Space marines.
Legion commander is Legiones Astartes, unlocking the 30k era late Great Crusade Space marines.
Grey Knights commander is Daemonhunters, unlocking the Grey Knights.

IG heroes are the same:
Cadian commander unlocks the standard IG.
Krieg commander unlocks the Krieg IG. Not suppressible, but fire slower if more powefully with their lasguns.
Tau commander: Tau race, similar a bit to IG. Very weak in melee, but good at range due to all of its weapons being plasma or melta based.

General tips:

Space Marines and Chaos Marines are very powerful, but also expensive. Rushing them or not letting them tech up , outflanking them is a good idea.
As powerful as your standard marines are, beware, Tier 3 enemy units like Nobz can still easily wipe them out.

Eldar are really fast, but they are fragile. Use this to outmanoever the enemy.

Orks are tough, and cheap, coming in hordes. Ork squads gain more Health by levelups. Area of effect weapons are advised. Be warned, Ork ai usually likes to tech up as soon as possible and spam Battlewagons.

IG: Can do some decent ranged damage, but fragile and slow. Use tanks like Chimeras as a fire magnet to take fire away from your troops.

Tyranids: Cheapest and swarmiest, but vulnerable to vehicles so make sure to have a contingent of venom cannon carrying units to counter enemy tanks.

Install the mod into your main Dow II retribution folder.

Known bugs:
legion Recon squad needs more energy. Fixed.
Chaos Heavy flamer not working Fixed.
Sternguard rounds not working against tanks Fixed.
Raptor and berzerker pistol problems. Fixed.
Legion Chainsword tactical weapon upgrades Fixed.
Improve guardian cover shield Fixed.
legion Breacher melta bombs. Fixed.
Asm plasma pistol and LC upgrade Fixed.
Death Guard CSM black box. Fixed.
Some abilities not doing enough damage. Partially Fixed.
Imperial Guardsmen missing meltas . Fixed.
Imperial Guardsmen plasma gun moved from t2 to t1.
Bolter and Stormtrooper hellgun damage increased against Superheavy infantry.
Baneblade battlecannon now fires every 5 and not 10 seconds, but deals area of effect for only 1 and not 3 meters area.
New Ork Flash gitz thanks to Orkfaeller and Sweetbeatrice.

I'll also implement new Librarian powers, like Enfeeble.

Release missed out some FX files for lascannons.
Not sure why they did not do that in the first place.

It appears there may have been some errors with the upload.

pk10222 - - 5 comments

Wheres the download? I cant wait to test this beta version out =D

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TheSaltyBrit - - 142 comments

Whenever I try to launch a Skirmish, it seems to crash immediately after clicking "Play" everytime. Any ideas?

Also, a few of the models don't appear in 'Army Painter'.

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TheSaltyBrit - - 142 comments

^ Ignore that. I was using the COMPLETELY wrong version! Apologies! I am downloading the newest version now!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
AssClapEarthquake - - 250 comments

hey DuesImperator the download isn't there.....bug?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TheSaltyBrit - - 142 comments

I believe this is the place to get it:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
pk10222 - - 5 comments

that looks like the old download.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
TheSaltyBrit - - 142 comments

I used that link this morning to download the mod, but it may have changed. I'm not sure.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
pk10222 - - 5 comments

Ill download it and check it out. Its says 1.7z and that seems like the same as the last version

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
TheSaltyBrit - - 142 comments

The newest version has just been put up:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Eternal_Crusader - - 387 comments

wheres new verison ? I used that old link but there was nothing new

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DeusImperator Author
DeusImperator - - 1,303 comments

I believe a mod has to verify it first. Sorry if its not clear.

Check my Relic forums thread , there is a new download link there!

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