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The BETA release of Reichshaus. This will be an open beta.

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The BETA release is finally here. While it may not be the biggest or the best BETA ever, it is all I could do with the time I have. You all need to remember that I am the only person working on this project and everything that is done is being done pretty much by my self. So while it may not fulfill your wildest ZDoom/Wolf3d fantasies, remember, it is just a BETA, and it is being put together by only one person on their very limited spare time.

Screens from level 2 & 1 Screens from level 2 & 1 Screens from level 2 & 1 Screens from level 2 & 1

About my mod

ModDB wrote: A Wolfenstein-3D style game utilizing all the features of ZDoom. It uses the development version of ZDoom, which is also available on the O-H site. Story/Manual to be released this month (February). 5-8 Level Beta due in April. Screen shots are also available on the website.

How to get it working?
- Wolf3D.wad should be selected as the IWAD. (In ZDL, add it to your IWAD List and select it.)
- Wolf3D_E1.pk3 to Wolf3D_E6.pk3 must be loaded. (In ZDL, add them to the PWAD List.)
- To play the SOD TC, load SOD.pk3 after everything else.


doesn't let me download, it gives me ad instead. Upload it on ModDB

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DemonSamurai Author

ModDB apparently messes with the redirect. I copied and pasted the exact link into firefox on a new tab and it loads just fine. You're going to have to complain to ModDB about that, not me :P.

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