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A first readme for general questions and some major issues beta-testers reported.

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stvoyHM 2015 09 19 03 22 49 65


In general Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force and the Expension Pack should be able to work on every Windows system.

Windws 10, 32/64 Bit
Windows 8/8.1, 32/64 Bit
Windows 7, 32/64 Bit
Windows Vista, 32/64 Bit
Windows XP, 32 Bit (64 Bit not tested)
Windows 2000
Windows NT
Windows 98
Windows 95

On all these platforms i managed it to get the game working. But its often the individual system Hard- and Software configuration thats causing issues, especially in such an old game. In the following I listed some problems noticed so far.

As far as i know there can be more issues with ATI GPUs and intgrated APUs with the OpenGl rendering, which can cause graphic errors in the stock game and also in the graphic overhaul mod.


1. Perform a clean installation of Star Trek Voyager Elite Force (see "bugs and problems" below for installation issues). This mod should work for every version of the game but i recommend to install the Expansion Pack or the last patch 1.2 (patch is already included in the Expansion Pack).

2. IMPORTANT! Bevore you install the mod, start the singleplayer and holomatch mode. Otherwise the game can override the mod configuration files at first start up.

3. Unpack the BETA.RAR in your Elite Force main directory. Override existing files. All "QeffectsGL" files should now sited in the main directory along with the games EXE files. The config files and the "xHD2015.pk3" should be in your "BaseEF" folder.

4. If you have the german version of this game, go to the BaseEF Folder in
your Elite Force main directory and override the config files with the
ones from the "German Config" directory.

5. Play the game and report issues.


Note: I recommend to use NOTEPAD as text editor instead of the standard windows editor. Editing some files may sounds complicated but actually its very simpel. When the text speaks of opening a file like the "QeffectsGL.ini" or "efconfig.cfg" you simply rigth-click on them and open it with Notepad. Here you can use the search option to find a specific line. Change it and save. Thats all. If you cannot save it you have to run NOTEPAD as Administrator.

Installation of the original game

Elite Force should run fine on all Windows versions 32/64; Vista/7/8/10). But autorun will not work any longer. For the installation you have to open the CD and run the installer EXE from the "Setup" Folder!!! manually.
1. Open the disk.
2. Go to the folder "Setup".
3. Find the setup.exe, rightclick on it and choose the Windows 2000 compatibly mode and check the box "run as adminstrator".
4. Run the setup.exe from the "setup§ folder with these settings. Be patient, it can take some minutes until the installer will start the procedure.
5. If this is not working for you. Copy all the content from the CD and try it again from your hard drive. Elite Force will also run if you copy and paste an installation from another system.

OpenGL Renderer

For unknown reasons it can happen that the new OpenGL renderer will not take any effect on the EF Singleplayer mode and falls back to the system32 opengl.dll. In this case you have two otions:

1. (I recommend to try this first) Open your QeffectsGL.ini and find the lines "RenderFrame=0". You can experiment with the values -1,1,2 a.s.o. and see if one is working for you.
2. Simply MAKE A Copy! and rename the "stvoy.exe" for example to "stvoySP.exe". This should solve the problem but dont forget to rename also the entry in the "QeffectsGL.ini" in your main directory. Open this file with NOTEPAD and add a new entry with your settings but under a [stvoySP.exe] headline (you can copy everything from the [stvoy.exe] line. It is important that you keep the original named stvoy.exe in your folder because some quality add-ons will need it.


In general, it is very important that you never change graphic settings via the ingame option menu because this will override the modded configs!!! The config files from me are set to the maximun possible quality.

Costum resolution

If you need another Resolution instead of the 1080x1920 settings from the mod configs you have to open the config files "efconfig.cfg" and "hmconfig.cfg" with notepad.

Find the entries...

seta r_customheight "1080"
seta r_customwidth "1920"

...and change these values to your disired resolution. Again, do not change anything via the ingame options menu!

The Game appears to dark and the the "brightness" option bar does nothing

To solve this problem go to the main directory of your Elite Force installment. Open the BaseEF Folder.Here you find the two config files "efconfig.cfg" (if this issue appears in single player mode)and "hmconfig.cfg" (if this issue appears in single player mode). Open these files with the text editor NOTEPAD. Run NOTEPAD as administrator, otherwise you will be not able to save settings.

Open one of the congif files and find the line (use search funtion):

seta r_ignorehwgamma "0"

...and change it to:

seta r_ignorehwgamma "1"

Now you have to set gamma manually. Find the line:

seta r_gamma

...and type in there your prefered value, for example:

seta r_gamma "0.8"
seta r_gamma "1.0"
seta r_gamma "1.25"
seta r_gamma "1.2"

A value 1.0 is often fine but you can experiment with these setting until your desired brightness. Dont forget to save your settings!

The game do not save any settings or CD-Key

Noticed this problem in Holomatch mode. The game cannot override the config files. To solve this set the executables "stvoy.exe" and "stvoyhm.exe" to "run as administrator".


dec. 2015

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