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Some change news about the beta and the future of the game. Also some new about DLC all Alpha testers should know about. And some talk about MODZ

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As you all know i have made monumental changes to the game. This includes Gun Models, Scripting, Animations, and GUI. Not only that but the menu, logo, and save system have changed. The resolution and framerate (800x600 and 50 FPS) remain the same. They will instead be changed in the Extended Cut Edition to an HD Resolution (most likely 1080x720) and 60 FPS.

The Basic Weapons List has also been updated, so here are the weapons that will be featured in the full game.

Handgun .45 (Alpha)
SW1911 (Beta/FV)
Browning Auto Rifle (Alpha)
FN FAL (Beta/FV)
FN M249 PARA (Beta)
Taurus Raging Bull (Alpha, Beta, FV)
AK102 (FV)
B93 (FV)
Gold DEagle (DLC, EXC)
R870 (FV)
G36V (FV)

Also the enemies have been updated and are now more diverse:

The Axeman (Alpha/Beta/FV)
Drifters (FV)
Bats (FV)
Bosses (Alpha/Beta/FV)
Scavengers (FV)
Choppers (Beta/FV)

There are also some planned DLC. Everyone who played/tested the Alpha get a free DLC Pass. Simply leave your email in the comments to recieve your code.
I do not yet know how many DLC there will be, but I do know they will all be included in the Extended Cut.

We have also changed the main title logo. We hope the new design is more appealing

Next is the question about mods. We have recieved many questions asking whether there will be mod support. We might not release the game code to give everyone the ability to make their own mods. Instead we will take mod requests. You can reuqest to have certain mods implemented, such as different weapon models etc. The Mods will be released once the final update is complete. That update will be the EXTENDED CUT UPDATE, which will be released around February-March-ish time.

That's it for news now. Until next time

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