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V. 5.0.1 of the beta now available! Read ahead for details on the new patch!

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Greetings, Men of the West! Today I'm rolling out a brand new hotfix for the beta! This download is a complete stand alone download that should mend many problems of the beta currently. Simply drop the files in their respective folders and play away! You may delete old files as many of the updated files are renamed.

This patch includes fixes for the following:

  • Missing Textures
  • Missing Sounds/Music
  • Missing Models
  • New Models
  • God Power only granting Lure
  • Hugely reduced filesize download (628 mb, from 1.1 gigs!)

There are also a few new gameplay tweaks, and only a few. I apologize for the inconvenience of not only needing to download a huge patch, but having an unplayable beta for the last week. Assuming the game is now stable, the next feat I am trying to tackle is server strength, as long distance connections over Direct IP are not often powerful enough. Remember to join our Discord group for immediate help on bugs or broken content!

Thanks for playing and staying tuned!

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