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Beta gameplay video what we've done so far, showing some fighting and trap-interacting.

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Finally, I made the gameplay video!

Some of you might have been wondering how the actual game play it is. This video should give you a better idea to fighting and trap-interacting.

Everything in the video is beta state, the art, the bgm, and the level design. We are working on it, and also looking for more talent scene artists to polish the look.

I am particular interested to know how you think about the BGM, we are trying to find a music style fits the game, which is not so easy.
So please, tell me how you think!

Seiseki - - 59 comments

I like style of the music, but it's way too stressful, I wouldn't be able to relax while playing and it clashes with the calm feel of the level itself, with blue skies and fluffy clouds..

Good luck with the level! I'd say add some blue in those shadows and it will blend better with the sky and look much less gray :)

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e_Glyde - - 331 comments

I'm with Seiseki. The music is a bit fast and not calm.The instruments use are amazing.

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Wei.Chen Author
Wei.Chen - - 168 comments

I agree, we are trying to find out the music style and see what fit this game the best.

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MrEmjeR - - 131 comments

Nice game, maybe try to add some ambient occlusion if possible, that would give some more depth to the scene.

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Wei.Chen Author
Wei.Chen - - 168 comments

Not sure how to get it work in Unity, I think I'll try it anyway.

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Wei.Chen Author
Wei.Chen - - 168 comments

Okay, it turned out to be I need a Unity Pro to do it.
Well... have to try my best to deal with the budget, ha ha ( ̄﹁ ̄)"

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doppl3r - - 196 comments

I like how it feels like Mario64 or Monkey Ball where you can collect things before you get to the end of that area.

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billhilly - - 215 comments

cant f****ing wait!

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TeamNeko - - 10 comments

A cuter dark souls!

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DeliciousOrange - - 7 comments

I think the usage of strings is a very good choice for creating the ambient feeling of the sky, this piece in particular is very fast paced compared to the pace of the game play. It is a good start none the less.

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Wei.Chen Author
Wei.Chen - - 168 comments

That might be a choice.
I think I am going to start a new article to ask you guys bring me any bgm's that might fit this game!

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