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Had a whole lot of feedback which means 2 very important things.

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Even though I uploaded the wrong build , most of the beta testers feedback remained completely valid and really, really useful. The most important think I've learnt from this experience is that if you're thinking about releasing before getting outside feedback then you're doing it wrong!

So, I've had to push the release back a bit which is a shame and a bonus as it means I now have more time to work on the website, promo material and, equally as important. Making those important changes to the game.

Including the following vital bits 'n' bobs.

Improving the game logo across the screens.
Making the score submission automatic
Using Player Profiles to allow for automatic score submission

Additional Game Difficulties awarded for surviving x amount of time on easier modes.

A new "Campaign" mode which lasts for a SET amount of time (e.g. 5, 10 and perhaps an unlockable 20 minutes) with 30 second checkpoints. Players score would be determined by the number of deaths and pickups collected along the way.

Progress could be picked up or restarted upon re-loading the game and should help to improve the players overall experience of the game.

This does mean that the game release may be pushed back to after the Christmas break unless I can pull something amazing out quickly although these things are best not to be rushed.

Considering this game was originally meant to be released during the Ludum Dare October Challenge I'm running a little late, haha!

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