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A recap of the past few months along with some announcements for future plans.

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Hey, Ando here!

So, the past few months have been kind of a... Half break, half "let's get a good idea of what the fans want to see in our mod".

So, after reading most of your comments and checking out what you think (minus the trolls who failed to read key words like "VERY EARLY STAGE", "ALPHA VERSION" and "NOT DONE YET!") I have been planning how what we should add or change in the planned beta release.

Now, I have some sketchy details for the beta that I can't guarantee as of yet but we have planned. First of all, we hope (although it might not happen) to have the deer models in by the beta release. I can not guarantee that if they are added they will work perfectly, cause problems for somebody or just be silly looking, but it is a "hopefully" for us.

Secondly, we hope to fix some of the minor issues that confused some of you, ehm, less as... tentative people. Problems like the map not showing up unless you re-select co-op in the game-type menu, or why servers in the server list sometimes don't like to show up unless you fiddle around for a while. This is not a priority, but it would be nice to fix this so we can cater to maybe the younger players who just want to get hunting.

Third, we plan to add some extra maps. This may be in the form of the old BFHmod map, or maybe some new maps (I might pull myself away from general directing and minor coding to take some time to make a map for the mod and not rely on special_ops for all of it.)... Or maybe a combination of both.

Fourthly, we want the mod to start having it's own feel. Things like a new background video to replace the one that shows a slightly older version of BFHmod than you are actually playing, (free cookie to the first person who recognizes what in the video is pre-alpha.. Screw it, I'm out of cookies, take a look at the minimap.) some background music and *hopefully* an intro video that plays on start-up that tells new players how to play (with narration).

Yes, all this and more is planned for BFHmod. Stick with us, fans, we're not giving up!

Until next time, happy Alpha-version hunting!


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