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THe "final" list of bugs from the beta before I start correcting them.

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Here is the final bug list based on all your comments as well as some suggestions.Could you please tell me if I missed anything before I start working on a patch?


1. Crash after 20 minutes

2. Rider dies when dragon changes status

3. Dragon ground animations :one of his wings are messed up while carrying Rider and his attack animation

4. The Werecat’s Cat-form skin is glitched out.-->solved


5. The game crashes when Saphira is about to be created at the citadel (Saphira is bugged I think).-->solved

6. The game crashes when a Southern Sentry unit or a Southern Hunter unit spawns a Banner Carrier (the banner
carrier is bugged I think)

7. Angela’s skin is messed up around the legs (the legs fold back at the knees).

8. The Command Button for the Du Vrangr Gata Headquarters is that of the Gondor Marketplace building.

9. Varden Archers don’t attack after being upgraded with Fire Arrows..-->solved

10. Surdan Riders have no Dying animation (when killed they just stand about until they disappear).-->solved

11. With saphira, when she dies, her little portait stays shown where all the other heroes aare. A second one is created when she is revived-->solved


12. The Elven forge building is offset from the building foundation.-->solved

13. The Elven wall system doesn't stop enemies coming through (at least not other Elves).-->solved

14. The Elven Bear's animation is messed up (there is already some animation for the bear in the game, also look at my Middlemen (Beorning) mod).-->solved


15. The Archery Range won't level up to 3 because: Can't buy "Upgrade Archery Range to level 2" which should take it to level 3 (should say "Upgrade Archery Range to level 3")-->solved


16. The Shade's "Word of power" doesn't work (it shows the blast but does no damage or knock back).-->solved

17. Empire as opponent causes crash after 1 min

18. Empire can’t get FB or HA-->solved

19. Whenever a Sorcerer is created, an extra Spirit is also created that is not part of the Sorcerer’s unit.-->solved


20. The Kull Training Ground building is offset from the building foundation.-->solved

21. Urgal Builder has no Command Button to build anything that produces Mounted Urgal units (for "Urgal Horsemens" and "Urgal Mounted Archers").-->On purpose

22. Can't buy "War shaman" from the Urgal Shaman Cave.-->solved

23. The Kull Training Ground won't level up to 3 because: Can’t buy "Upgrade Kull Training Ground to level 2" (should say "Upgrade Kull Training Ground to level 3").-->solved

24. Can't buy "Kull Hunters" from the Kull Training Ground.-->solved

25. The Goblin Cave won't level up to 3 because: Can’t buy "Upgrade Goblin Cave to level 2" (should say "Upgrade Goblin Cave to level 3").-->solved

26. Can't Buy "Battering Ram" from the Goblin Cave.-->solved

27. Nar Garzhvog's "Carnage" Command Button doesn't work (always greyed out).-->solved

28. In the Spell tree, can't buy "Summon Balrog" after "Freezing rain", only after "Summon Watcher".


1. Urgals “profile”->bigger, stronger and less units

2. I think that the Dwarven Riders look a little too short around the waste.

3. I think that the Urgals should have bigger horns (or at least the Kull should)

4. Maybe the Command Buttons to upgrade some buildings to level 3 should be removed as they can be leveled to 3 with experience or maybe the gaining of experience should be removed.

5. Angela shouldn't have strait brown hair but a huge cloud of curly blond hair.

6. I reckon that the Empire's Military Academy looks too big and may need scaling down a bit.

Concerning bug 21 that was on purpose as the Kull already serve as Urgal shock troops. Also suggestion 1 has been said a lot of times and I will definitively change the urgal but keep in mind I have to keep a difference betwenn normal Urgals and Kulls.

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