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With the release of alpha 2.9, the game added a game intro and revamped the question mark unit and tips. Next version it is going to have the mini games finished, a easier way to finish, and a revamped builder.

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Last Update

Improve Builder
The builder now has a basic and advanced builder. The old builder is the advanced one. The new builder builds several tracks at once. Also both builders have a x1,x2,x3 option that allows you to build more tracks all at the same time.

Make it easier to finish a coaster
It is much easier to finish your coaster now, unlike before where it would
only finish your coaster if your flat, low to the ground, and angled
straight at the building. All you do now is go over the end area and it takes care of the rest.

Have players not start building in the corner of the map
Players don't start in the corner of the map anymore.

Things To Expect In The Next Update

Finsh Coaster Button

I realized that even with all the recent changes to make things easyer peopel were still quiting before they could figure it out. Players who stayed 5-10 min almost always got it but still alot were quiting before then. So after some painful work I have a finished coaster button working, and it am testing it out, it should be in next update.

New Icons
There are about 6-7 spells with out real icons, and just have box's in them for the moment. They should be coming soon.

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