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New on the Hotfix #2 for the Beta 7 Final. I hope you enjoy the hard work thats been put into this hotfix. As usual any bugs or suggestions please head over to our forums for discussions.

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Hotfix 2 - 2

I shall be updating the hotfix 2 download tonight, mainly for the gamebreaking bug talking to pycell.
Ive also included a fix for the Lannister always pays his debts quest, and correctly inserted varys into kings landing.

I would always advise starting a new game, so if you dont then please proceed with caution.

I shall re-post here when its up and been authorised.

The updated hotfix has now been uploaded and authorised.

Beta 7 Hotfix #2

The second hotfix for the Beta 7 should be up shortly. The dev build testers have been working hard finding bugs, and ive been working hard fixing them. A few bugs are inevitably still present, but i think most of them have been squashed.
In addition to bug fixes ive made quite alot of changes too. Ill outline the changelog below.


  • Removed the random wars and peace for now, or at least most of them. This should stop most of the crazy peace arrangements or wars started.
  • Fixed The first part of Varys quest.
  • Fixes to the 'Lannister always pays his debts' quest.
  • Made adjustments to killing Lords and fixed a couple of bugs associated with that.
  • Fixed the Targ parties that seem to spawn at the beginning of the game.
  • Lots of changes to some lords/troops inventories.
  • Completely overhauled all spawn points. They should be more diverse and in better locations.
  • Added/changed some bandit parties.
  • Fixed the siege crashes and some crashes for ship/sea battles.
  • Added a new starting quest - this will be added to over time.
  • Removed being able to sell slaves to the brotherhood.
  • Updated all bounty hunter quest troops.
  • Added Master of Coin.
  • Added Master of Laws.
  • Added Master of Whisperers.
  • Now if you kill a Lord you gain their possessions. This allows you to claim some unique weapons and armours.
  • Added new archery animation.
  • Changed Plankytown scenes
  • Changed all faction namers.
  • Added The Stormlands
  • Switched some Lords about.
  • Added Pentos, Sunspear, Lys and Ashford scenes by LordCanute.
  • All lords personalities changed. Thanks to Machiavelli24
  • Added special patrol parties for the Nights Watch and the Free Folk.
  • Changed much of the ui and background pictures.
  • Added all new terrain borders and skyboxes in prep for the Beta 8 scene overhaul.
  • Added xeno's weather scripts.
  • Added new title music.
  • Adjusted camp scenes.
  • Unified all mod options into one menu from the PBOD options presentation. - not all options work yet.
  • Adjustments to arena fighters in visit arena scene. You will mostly find troops of that towns owned faction sparring.
  • Re-enabled armour penalties.
  • Gave the special weaponsmith the correct Valyrian blades and adjusted conversation slightly. This fixes the problems when not being able to afford the weapon and him thinking you have bought it.
  • Adjusted the conversation for the Good Master. You can now rehire more unsullied after a certain amount of time.
  • Adjusted the way weapons break.. or dont, as it didnt seem to be working as it should before.
  • You should now be able to kill all lords/hero's even if you dont own your own faction.
  • Changed outpost to fort. More changes will be made to this in the future.
  • Added new dialogues for hired religious troops in your fort.
  • Changed requirements for some shields.
  • Added a Lance type recruitment system for the crossroads in and at towns.
  • Fixed some scenes inc lys hall scene crash and no chest in the Red Keep.
  • Fixed some ai meshes in some scenes.
  • Lots of campaign map changes/fixes.
  • Some relations fixes for different bandits and religious parties.
  • You can now sell prisoners to any lord that belongs to the Nights Watch.
  • Added more helmets.
  • Added more armours.
  • Added more footwear.
  • Various text bugs fixed.
  • cleaned up some code.
  • Fixed a tonne of shaders and textures/meshes.
  • Lots and lots of other fixes and improvements.
  • Added claimant and story written by kazansky22.

A couple of points to mention:

Killing Lords

It is now possible to kill lords even if you don't own a faction. You will also never lose relations with the Nights Watch for doing so. If you do kill a Lord you will gain all his/her unique items. This adds some sort of extra incentive to kill them, but the relations loss you gain for doing so should hopefully balance this out a little.

The new lance recruitment system.

This is for some special locations and all towns. As it is for now, you have a chance of a local lord being in town of which you can recruit him, and his retinue. This will be expanded on when i have the chance and it may still need some balacing. Hopefully you guys will let me know what you think!

New Claimant.

Kazansky22 has been the first to pop the cherry on our new Patreon site. So a huge thanks to him!
We have worked together to get his claimant ingame. I hope hes happy with the result.
If anyone else would like to get involved then please visit the link at the bottom of this news post. If you have any ideas for other pledges, or would like another pledge for yourself, then please let me know and we will get something sorted.

Name changes for all the Factions.

I decided to change all the faction names to their region name. There was various issues with the way it was implemented before, so hopefully this should be alot better.
The Stormlands currently use the same troop tree as Dragonstone. For you that play the mod will know i like to make every troop tree for each faction unique, so creating a new troop tree for the Stormlands before the hotfix just wasn't going to happen.

Dont forget to visit our new site

If you would like to donate through Paypal then visit our forums @

All donations go towards the mod, but first we need enough to secure the future of the forums. Unfortunately the hosting on them runs out early July!

I hope everyone engoys the new hotfix, and bugs or suggestions, as usual please post them on our forums.


Nice :) keep up the good work :)

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were game hunts taken out?
and i don't see peasan't bands moveing from villige to townd and back, the new fix is stabile no crash in 1 and a half hour of play!

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produno Author

hunting and peasants are still in.

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I got an Question.

If I am recruiting Lannisters soldiers in a village(with this hot fix) will they have the real lannister soldier uniform or keep with having the native Swadian uniform?

Sorry if I made you confused.

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Sweet, can't wait to play

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amazing game can't stop playing it, only problem is whenever I join a lords army it after about 3 minutes it always crashes but other than that i'm beginning to realize i'm spending more time in westeros than my actual life....

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I am getting crashes with sieges still

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I get crashes all the time

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produno Author

Yeah, you should wait for beta 8.

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