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A sneak peak into some of the changes done in the mod for Beta 6.

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Hi everyone,

Just a quick post before release, this is a snapshot of the change logs the team has been posting while working on Beta 6, for anyone curious what are the changes that you might encounter in the next version of Modern Warfare.

About 300 more changes since the release date was announced!

- Fixed CB bug (should now work)
- Added event for Russia
- Tweaked Special actions
- Switched UN BUSY flag with modifier
- Localization fixes
- Georgia now has its own CB for war with South Ossetia
- Added India, Jordan and Indonesia files
- China now guarantees North Korea
- Serbia-Montenegro no longer has claims on Kosovo after 2008
- Removed brigade increase bonus in infantry doctrines
- Tweaked casus beli's
- Special economic zone special action now costs no points
- Fixed ship builder text cut off issue when browsing models (upgrades)
- Costs of new policies and laws now shows up correctly
- Tweaked production license models AI
- Added option to demand cores via UN Security Council
- Fixed retake cores CB, should work now
- Added localization
- Removed conquest CB
- Removed Afghan Civil War 2001 file (merged into 2000 file)
- Reworked casus beli file (now more organized)
- Added UN approved casus beli
- Changed George W Bush name
- Adjusted localization
- Added Russian and American Military Leaders, Images will be sent through Skype due to file size
- Added British unit model directory
- Fixed French foreign ministers
- Added Islamic State of AFG leaders
- Fixed Georgia event
- Added Jordan head of state
- Reduced cost of improving relations
- Added South Ossetia referendum resolution
- Added South Ossetia independent EU vote
- Added decision for USA and other NATO countries to give up regions of Iraq
- Democratic Iraq is now a puppet of the US
- Changed provinces infra according to events in Pakistan, India, Indonesia and so on...
- Added new pics for long serving ministers (Putin, Kim Jong Il and so on...)
- Fixed Serbia heads of state
- Replaced foreign minister script file
- Fixed NATO decisions not to include the USA
- More events
- Added unit templates and brigade production names for Russia
- Updated Russian & British Models
- Corrected British OOBs (Unit type error)
- Added more events
- Tweaked tech localization file
- Changed Russian head of state to Yeltsin instead of Putin in 2000
- Added new events
- Added American and Russian tech directory for 2000, 2003 Bookmark
- Tweaked American and Russian Model directory
- Tweaked some models
- Tweaked naval techs to work better with our unit upgrade system
- Changed Names of Heavy Mechanized to "Mechanized Infantry" and Light Mechanized to "Motorized Infantry"
- Added Japanese and Isreali OOBs
- Fixed NATO invasion file
- Fixed Georgia head of state


- Increased rate at which special action points are gained
- Added Lisbon and Nice treaty flags to EUU tag to prevent events from popping at later dates
- Fixed decision files structure
- Added flag to insure 2008 war end event to CB file
- Added the 233001 resolution flag
- UN setup event is now a major event
- Localization changes
- Localization fix
- Financial crisis events are now more common.
- Fixed Russian recognition of ABK and SOT, should work properly now.
- Added option for all NATO members to join wars in AFG and IRQ
- Fixed Denmark event
- Some localization fixes
- Added India - Bangladesh border dispute
- Added Palestine UNESCO event
- Added Armenia oob
- Added Georgia 2008 bookmark
- Added points for "Special Actions" (balancing testing needed)
- Fixed President of Poland death title
- Tweaked Security Council voting
- Returned proving in Belgium back to Belgium
- Added UN
- Added notification about UN Security Council deliberation
- Added GFC events
- Sanction events are no longer major events
- Added event for Poland
- Added 2008 Global Financial Crisis events.
- Fixed localization errors
- Russia will will not VETO correctly decisions in the UN against it or its allies
- Changed Obama trait
- Embargo mechanics reworked so that Russia does not vote to impose sanctions on itself
- Added new UN resolutions
- Added South Ossetia War
- Added EU decisions
- Fixed AI build and research bug
- Localization fixes and additions
- Finished the Japanese Order of Battle and fixed it's dependencies.
- Added Saudi Arabian OOB
- Added/tweaked the related files
- Added Jordanian OOB and fixed Jordanian history files
- Added Georgian military leaders
- Added US unit names
- Added 2015 Sukhoi Incident
- Tweaked events localisation file
- Fixed AI research and production bug
- Syntax fixes for events
- Unit name fixes and rebalancing of light mechanized brigade
- Updated history files for USA. OOBs now up to date for 2008 bookmark.
- Added new history files for USA tech at start date 2000
- Tweaked models.csv
- Tweaked unit templates for USA - ARM.txt
- Added tech directory for Russia
- Added Arty's Hong Kong OOB
- Added updated model levels to US 2008 OOB
- Added Kosovo heads of state
- Added resolutions for Abkhazia and South Ossetia
- Added South Ossetia war related events
- Added events up to the year 2011
- Added new Ukraine tags (DPR, LPR and Novorossiya)
- Added African Union tag
- Added South American Union tag
- Added many decisions
- Localization fixes
- Updated models.csv
- Finished UN sanctions events and decisions.
- Removed common currency flag
- Added UN sanctions mechanic
- Added "UN BUSY" trigger
- Localization fixes and additions
- Added more Chinese Ground system models.
- Removed event images and minister pics from SVN
- Fixed Iraq post 2003
- Added VP to Georgia
- Added ministers for Abkhazia and South Ossetia
- Tweaked relations between states
- Added more province actions
- Fixed damage reputation diplomatic action so that it is no longer possible to damage relation between party leader and itself
- Relations adjustments
- Fixed Acquire territory CB
- Added Cambodian OOB
- Updated models files
- More resources
- Law changes
- Updated and validated all of the Russian OOBs
- Can no longer raise relations with yourself.
- Added training laws
- Improved relations between USA and Baltic countries
- Validated and corrected British OOBs
- Even more syntax errors fixed
- Fixed German elite ranger unit to the right brigade type.
- More syntax fixes
- Australian OOBs: Messed up - Corrected.
- China OOB: Missing signs - Not faulty, false report
- British OOBs: Missing closing bracket: False report, is working
- Finish OOBs: Not finished, will finish first.
- German OOBs: Messy - Fixed
- Russian OOBs: Nothing wrong.
- Swedish OOBs: Had minor spacfic erros - Fixed
- American OOBs: Nothing wrong, false report.
- Afghanistan Invasion OOBs: Was missing names, location - Fixed
- Iraq Invasion OOBs: Removed and will be replaced with correct ones shortly.
- Danish OOBs: minor syntax erros - Fixed
- Spanish OOBs: minor syntax errors - Fixed
- Removed old, unused syntaxes "1G armor, 2G armor, 4G armor"
- TechCategories should be looked upon for each unit: Gives an error message in Validator, non-existant categories.
- an incomplete tech syntax was used for capital ship upgrades. - Fixed
- "mw_bomber_air_breathing_jetengines" was wrong - fixed and corrected to mw_air_breathing_jetengines"
- Duplications of infantry upgrade requirements were removed - Fixed.
- Corrected unit upgrade reference files for USA
- Updated Models.csv file
- More syntax fixes
- Fixed "special economic zone" province action
- Fixed many syntax problems
- Added "Special Economic Zone" province decision which grants bonuses to IC, Leadership and Revolt Risk
- Reduced effects of weather
- Removed "Federal Tax" flags
- Reduced cost of military budget policies
- Tweaking done to artillery techs + added descriptions to them.
- Added much needed ENERGY resources to Canada, USA, Iran and Russia
- Reduced amount of OIL USA has
- Fixed UK IRQ war decision
- Adjusted Artillery techs
- Fixed Nuclear carrier syntax to carrier
- Fixed air_cavarly syntax to cavartly_brigade
- Added secondary tier countries who can influence neutral countries into factions
- Fixes to different techs (Armor/Infantry)
- Updated models archive
- Minister changes
- Removed "leave faction" decision
- Leaving a faction is now possible via a special diplomatic action
- Having good relations with faction leaders now helps drift towards that faction
- Script (AI) fixes
- Reduced amount of OIL the US has
- Increased the base IC countries get
- Reduced base CG (consumer goods) demand for all countries
- Removed fort, coastal fort construction from AI build que.
- Added AFG and UKR ai files
- Added more resources to the world map (metal, rare resources and energy )
- Added Falklands garrison for British OOB.
- Increased base IC for all countries
- Fixed ship model upgrades GUI
- Reduced cost of building IC
- Country politics fixes
- Added national value modifiers
- Law adjustments
- Updated different model archives/directories.
- Unit re-balancing.
- Updated and H.M set OOBs for USA.
- Political fixes for B6
- Updated the unit trait protocol
- Production interface changes
- Changed George W Bush event to Supreme Court event
- Added a naval base to Kiribati
- Made changes to infantry techs by adding modifers and effects to them.
- Added units/models upgrade directory
- Updated Models.csv file.
- Updated units.csv file.
- Minor unit stat changes and re-balancing
- Production interface changes
- Balanced and added correct effects to fighter techs and some bomber techs. Also added lots of descriptions for theese techs
- Changes to Fighter Techs
- Expanded Models.csv file.
- Stat balancing to air units.
- Added descriptions to different bomber techs.
- Added Unit Trait Protocol.
- OOB fixed/Additions
- Model fixed/additions
- Tech fixes (Effects, related units and so on.)

Please note that this is just a partial change log, other changes have been introduced that are not mentioned here.

zakattack04 - - 361 comments

:D I already got a copy of HOI ready to have the mod exported too! Can't wait!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
TopolinoFinland - - 35 comments

Very large update!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
dvd7 - - 19 comments

No israel oob?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
NordicBloodHound - - 118 comments

Yes it will be in, don't worry :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
esco7800 - - 9 comments

so does russia, china, USA, Britain and France have unit modules? are generic unit names?? By the way great job guys I know it was a long road we appreciate it...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
PlayerHOI Author
PlayerHOI - - 609 comments

Russia, Britain and USA will have model images.

Many other countries have specific unit names and images will be added in later versions.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
johnboy7822 - - 61 comments

- Added new Ukraine tags (DPR, LPR and Novorossiya)

My life is complete! :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
PlayerHOI Author
PlayerHOI - - 609 comments

Note that they are not playable yet, just added for future use.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
johnboy7822 - - 61 comments

Oh, alright. So is Novorossiya all of South Eastern Ukraine or just Donetsk and Lugansk?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
PlayerHOI Author
PlayerHOI - - 609 comments

It contains both Donetsk and Luhansk but will have claims on all of Eastern Ukraine that was historically Novorossiya.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
johnboy7822 - - 61 comments

Very good, in Victoria 2's modern mod Novorossiya is just Donetsk and Lugansk which was disappointing.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
TrueCroatian - - 32 comments

Have you done something about Croatia? :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
PlayerHOI Author
PlayerHOI - - 609 comments

I am afraid not, perhaps in the future.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 699,487 comments

Anything done to balance Air Cavalry? I hope they aren't like SANIC incarnate as they were in the past Betas :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
NordicBloodHound - - 118 comments

They will suffer the mighty rebalance hammer!But yes, they will no longer be like fast F1 cars

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Martenzo - - 1 comments

Is there a full changelog of all changes available anywhere? Specifically, I'm curious if the various MBT tech bugs have been fixed. Also, I recall one of the EST ministers had the same ID as some other minister from a different country (probably LAT or LIT).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 699,487 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

eaterofdead - - 6 comments

is there place we can donate with out pay pal
james d

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
PlayerHOI Author
PlayerHOI - - 609 comments

I am afraid not, Paypal is the safest and quickest way.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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