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About the recently updated version of FNiJ and the things to come for the final release.

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Some more news about the game

First of all, Beta 5 has been released. The main updates include improved performance, bug fixes, security improvements, and offline support. Also, foxy now works! He will get more aggressive as the week progresses, just as he does in FNaF.

For the final release I am going to re design the home page a bit, and add a specially designed page if it's added to the home screen on iOS and android to make it feel more like an app. I am tweaking Bonnie and chica ai's, and Freddy will be working. Maybe i'll throw in a few more Easter eggs, too!

Speaking of Easter eggs: I am releasing two Easter eggs in this post.

The first Easter egg: "customize". This will allow you to change the names of the anematronics.
The second one: "golden freddy". This will do the same thing as if you were to find him in FNaF. I am going to add him as a normal Easter egg in the next update, rarely appearing in the west hall corner.

There are two more Easter eggs. But I'll let the players find them.

That should be all for now! If anything changes, I'll comment on this post.

Take care!

- Charles

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