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Beta 32 was released some days ago. It contains more maps, more enemies, bugfixes, and everything you might want.

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A new beta was released: It contains some new maps, bugfixes, new monsters, and stuff.

The main server is updated as well.


- Map23 was replaced by a completely new map (which is still in beta stage but it's much better than the old, crappy one)
- A small part of Map24 (also) can now be played. This map features a lot of puzzles, so it's not the typical frag fest map you're used to play, just so you know.
- Fixed those annoying bugs in map25 (Still haven't fixed the elevator yet, although you can use it by pressing the jump key while you're on it)
- The Hell Scorpion and the Serpent will STILL freeze the game in multiplayer. This has not been fixed yet but they do not appear in any level for this reason. I still have to figure out why they crash the game, because in single player they don't.
- Map45 is pretty much 70% easier to beat now.
- New sounds for Omegahax to make the whole thing even more retarded.
- Fixed the dormant imps/hell knights in map19.

And I forgot what else... Well, you can find out!

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