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The next version of "Forgotten - A custom Story" will be released soon.

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What's new?

During the last week I worked on a few bugs like false placed objects and also on new script events.There are now 3-4 new events and also some new custom sound effects. I guess I can release the final version next weekend. (15th of Decembre)

Why a 2nd beta?

I want to be sure that nothing is wrong with the final release of my custom story. That's why I made a second beta version. And maybe there will be some more minor improvements for the final.

General information:

As some of you may knew, (at least the people who played it already) the CS is a bit short. The reason why is, that it's my first mod and I wanted to keep it short, so that I can learn how to use the editor and the other tools.The other reason is that I planed to make a second chapter, which starts right at the end of "Forgotten". So, if you liked it, be sure to stay tuned to see how it continues.

A small reminder:

It's appreciated if could report bugs and glitches.
Also have a look at the Let's Play of NightSshadeGaming. It's embeded in the mod profile.


Forgotten - A custom story v1.0a

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