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After two weeks, it is time to update you about beta 2 version progress.

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After two weeks, it is time to update you about beta 2 version progress.

Thanks for all your support, I didn't receive much feedback, hoping for more in the future.

First, I'm currently at work mapping mission 3, concept is reworked from previous concept I did few years ago. It was supposed to be two maps only, but I'll create a third one, because of some complex scripting and story progress. After that, I can work on mission 3 outro animation :)

For mission 2, I receive feedback that it's hard, because some players couldn't find additional ammo. I'll change some small details, such as easier to find ammo and fixing bugs. I still didn't reworked original concept, which is that second part of mission 2 is jumping through other parts of map, instead of one linear path. And I'm thinking about voiceovers too, but for a full version.

For mission 1, I receive feedback about basic mapping and elevator part. This mission was mapped a long time ago, when I started working on this mod. I'll add some details later, along with making easier elevator part when lights turn off.

And as for HQ parts, no plans for changes there, maybe for a full version.

Release date for Beta 2 is somewhere in November, and full version around Christmas.


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