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Hello everybody! We have good news to share with you...

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Hello everybody!We have good news to share with you!
The error with python was removed by *Pro*Cristian
We sent it to beta-testing to see if it will pass the requirements
Its been a while since we added some news and downloads
So here is the differences between the Beta1 updated:

1) 2 new maps: Operation River (Rebels vs Russia) and Sunrise Fight (Rebels vs USMC) (64 singleplayer)
2) Modified the bonds (now are more bigger)
3) New HUD features (adds more realistic look to it)
4) New music were included into the new beta
5) New python look! (now its yellow and shows with what you killed teammate)

And some fixes from the old beta:

1) Removed Night Vision because the nighttime is more clear
2) Fixed unworking LAN option
3) Some control point names and tweaks

Now the diferrence between the removed one that was a fail:
1) Removed unused content and features
2) Unproprely working maps were removed
3) Some content wasnt working in modification
3) Reduced a lot the space consumption (300 mb less consuption)

As soon as the second beta passes the modification we will upload it here
Thanks for time accorded to read this news

Half-Way Studios

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