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Now that Pulse: Episode One Beta 1 has been released, we have noticed some important bugs that need fixing. Therefore, Beta 2 will be on its way sometime in August.

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Hello, all.

Hopefully you are enjoying the recent release of Pulse: Episode One Beta 1. As you can plainly see, the Mod currently has quite a few bugs with it, and it is in need of some mapping fixes. Well, that is why Beta 2 will be released very soon for this Mod!

The Beta 2 version will fix many of the common errors that players have been experiencing with the Beta 1 version so far. Mapping changes will also be made to make the levels more detailed and workable. We have created a very long list of bugs and fixes that will be added to Beta 2. The list mentions a lot of the key items that need fixing, and we feel that the Beta 2 release of Pulse: Episode One will be much more fulfilling to our fans. Beta 1 was released just to put this Mod out there for people to play and test, but Beta 2 will be focused on fixing some of the minor and major issues that players have been facing so far to make the Mod more playable.

Thanks for downloading Pulse, and please keep up to date and ready for Beta 2 to be released this August.

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