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Release of beta 2 version is day after tomorrow, after being delayed for additional fixes. Here are changes/fixes from last beta version...

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beta 2, 7.11.2014.
- fixed some grammatical errors and non translated parts in titles
- added re textured models of arms with weapons - crowbar and satchel
- added few new textures
- 'mis1_01': fixed detail - crowbar usage (lights, vents etc.)
- 'mis1_01': fixed detail - broken elevator event
- 'mis1_01': added crowbar
- 'mis1_01': added lounge music for elevator going down/up
- 'mis1_02': fixed details - lights at elevator
- 'mis1_02': fixed details - office with sleeping grunt
- 'mis1_02': added autosave points
- 'mis1_02': added healthkit and battery
- 'HQ_02': fixed detail - lowered projector volume during briefing
- 'HQ_02': fixed detail - improved animation at Sector 1 exit
- 'HQ_02': added autosave point
- 'HQ_02': added J.C.'s comment
- 'HQ_02': added sounds
- 'mis2_01': fixed missing texture
- 'mis2_01': fixed bug - all dead scientist came alive after reloading game !
- 'mis2_01': fixed bug - aliens and sparks can't be heard on map beginning
- 'mis2_01': fixed detail - better view of turret ammo
- 'mis2_01': fixed detail - killing scientist in teleporter lab reloads the game
- 'mis2_01': added more sounds
- 'mis2_01': added ammo clip in alien lab
- 'mis2_02': added very basic (layout) map !
- 'mis3_in': added teleporter sound
- 'mis3_01': fixed bug with crystal in box
- 'mis3_01': fixed bug - aliens themselves destroy crystal at lava river
- 'mis3_01': fixed bug - aliens themselves destroy crystal at metal pipes
- 'mis3_01': fixed detail - falling into empty space reloads the game
- 'mis3_01': fixed detail - first cave with more details and less aliens !
- 'mis3_01': added glock pistol
- 'mis3_02': added basic (layout) map !
- 'mis3_03': added basic (layout) map !
- 'mis3_out': added part (A1S2, A2S2) of final animation !

x Full version release: TBD 2015. x

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