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I've released a Beta patch mainly to fix the crash when firing the Stosstrup G-43. It also contains several fixes I had planned to put in the Beta 2.0.

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*** Beta 1.1 (21/10/2011) ***

- Released 1 new battlefield map (Village).
- Fixed the loading crash, now the mod doesn't crash the game the first time your activate it.
- Fixed the SS Stosstrup bug, now firing the G-43 won't crash the game.
- Enlarged the size of the star icon of control points. Now it rotates too, so they are easier to spot.
- Added a minimap icon for control points.
- Fixed the AI P-51 bombing run, now the plane attacks the target correctly.
- Reworked the general AI behaviour of both US Army and Wehrmacht and fixed some bugs.
- Improved the AI behaviour at control points: now they use defensive units (MG's, AT guns, etc.) to defend them.
- Improved the AI flanking and pathfinding in some maps.
- Brandeburger infiltrators now pop smoke before spawning on the map.

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