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Release of beta version is day after tommorow, here are changes/fixes from last alpha version...

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beta 1, 13.09.2014.
- WON menu: fixed bug with "OK", "Activate", "Deactivate" buttons
- WON menu: added check-box
- WON menu: added new sounds
- STEAM: removed "server" options from main menu
- STEAM: changed captions while selecting dificulty
- STEAM: added version sign to main menu
- STEAM: removed STEAM icon from main menu
- 'intro': added details in scene 3
- 'intro': changed RWG scientist models
- 'HQ_01': added ID texts for Jones and Newel
- 'HQ_01': reworked main entrance doors
- 'HQ_01': reworked elevator to dr. Newell's office
- 'HQ_01': doors to dr. Newell's office are faster
- 'HQ_01': chairs in dr. Newell office are static now
- 'HQ_01': added autosave point
- 'mis1_01': fixed exploit with main office doors
- 'mis1_01': added autosave point
- 'mis2_01': fixed bugs with doors
- 'mis2_01': added "teleporer lab"
- 'mis2_01': added details to "hangar"
- 'mis2_01': added details to "conference rooms"
- 'mis2_01': added details to "crystal lab"
- 'mis2_01': added enemies !
- 'mis2_01': added lights !!
- 'mis2_01': added autosave points
- 'HQ_03': improved "sleeping quarter"
- 'HQ_03': fixed bug with shower
- 'HQ_03': added mission 3 briefing animation
- 'HQ_03': added scripted events (i.e. intro, messages, animations)
- 'HQ_03': added autosave point
- 'mis3_01': added autosave points
- 'mis3_01': added lights to a tunnel near lava river
- 'mis3_01': made easier to cross pipes at lava fall
- 'outro' : added author of mission 1 skybox

x Full version release: TBD 2015. x

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