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Beta 0.4 has been officially announced with big changes in store for Dale. Harad are also joining the battle this time round. Changes are also being made to some of the other factions.

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Lone Wolf 0.35 is almost in done and dusted it is currently in private beta to iron out some more kinks.
0.35 was intended only to be an update to address a couple issues that have really bugged me.
But as with all things they grow and evolve so 0.35 became bigger and involved a lot more work than intended hopefully the hard work will pay off and there will be a better more polished Lone Wolf.
So off the back of 0.35 I am proud to announce Beta 0.4.

4th Beta:
This year has been a busy one for Lone Wolf with this being the 4th "full" beta with each beta getting closer to the Lone Wolf Mod I envision.
As with the last beta I will not respond to anyone asking or pressuring a release for this beta.
It will come when it comes.
Strict time constraints don't work to well for mods being hobbies they will always come second to real life.
By having an open release plan I can release the beta when I feel it's ready.

The battle for Dale begins:

The 4th beta will be focusing on Dale evolving them and polishing them.
At the moment Dale is in a semi finished state all the ingredients are there but they aren't yet ready.
They are a bit muddled and have no real specialities.
I'm not content on having them as a clone faction or an all rounder faction playing second fiddle to Gondor so I am beginning to work them into fighting shape.
Some things that'll happen for this beta -
Dale models and skins will be updated and or changed where necessary.
Most bugs will be fixed including getting the Bear forms to work properly.
A reworking and rebalancing of the Dale faction.
Introduction of the new Pet (Trainer) Class.

Pet Love:
In 0.4 I'll be introducing the new Pet class.
The Pet Class will be special solo units that can summon some kind of Animal or unit that will have various uses.
The Trainer and the Pet have a special connection they become stronger when they are near each other.
Both Units and Heroes will fall under this category.

Early,Mid or Late:
Factions and heroes will be balanced and modified to fit into a more concrete definition of Early,Mid and Late game.
Some heroes who are strong at the beginning able easily damage other early heroes but don't gain new abilities past a certain level and/or won't be as capable of taking out those same heroes.
Some heroes might start off weak but get strong 10 minutes into the game.
Some heroes will be late bloomers who can't do much until late in the game when the flourish and become very powerful.

Dale changes:
Some of the big changes to Dale will be a reworking of units and overall faction's playstyle.
Dale's strength was having a unit for every occasion while this will be true to a point I am changing their thing to Elites.
Dale will now have basic units that are there for keeping things defended while the money is being raised for the Elites and supports.
The traditional Beornings will now be called Beorning Furies.
The Esgaroth Defenders will be changed into more of a militia unit that will be summoned by the Marshals.
Dale Archers will be improved but they will be more expensive.
Dale will lose the Horse Archer.

Beorn's Legacy:
Beorning Furies will be the siege weapon of choice for Dale.
While strong normally Beorning Furies will be able to change into Bears.
In the bear form Beorning Furies gain stronger damage to structures and in general but lose some run speed and armour.

Not all Beornings can change into bears:

Some of the Beornings were not born with the ability to transform into bears.
Some of these instead become friends and trainers of Bears called Druids.
Armed only with a small dagger the Beorning Druids don't do much damage on their own but when they summon their Bear
they become a strong team each strengthening the other.
The Druids also have some basic skill with Healing plants allowing them to heal nearby allies.

The Beorning's that can't transform or form connections to their bears become Woodsmen using their woodcraft to aid in the protection of their villagers.

Radagast's choices:
Radagast will be changed to fit in with the new pet class model.
He will be able to summon Hawks and Eagles still but he'll be able to form a connection with them.

Dale weren't the only ones at the Battle for Dale:

Rhun will under go a similar change though less major.
They will made more of a late game faction and less like Gondor's Evil little cousin.

Most of Rhun's units will be stronger but take longer to build and cost more.
Rhun's focus will be more on late game with them having a disadvantage in Early game.
Armour,Health and damage will be improved on most Rhun units.
Rhun will be a bit slower moving than they are now with exception of Cavalry which will make up for their speed lose.
Rhun will be a little more turtle like though they are not base campers the added defence is to help them fight harder.

The Southrons are marching:

Mordor has many allies besides Rhun from the south come the Haradrim.
The Haradrim will be added to this beta.
Extensive work will be done on Harad prior to the beta getting them into shape.
Prepare for the Harad Harass smile.gif
More information on Harad will be released as it comes to light.

More information will be released in the coming weeks.
Work on 0.4 will not start in earnest until after I've finished with some of my other commitments.
Be sure to discuss these changes and suggest changes.
Who knows I may even listen to them tongue.gif

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