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Lone Wolf Public beta 0.3 left Radspakr unsatisfied, there were a lot of things that he never made. We are now updating and going through the last released version. There are going to be a lot of improvements as well as new added stuff.

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The Lone Wolf Public Beta 0.3 Release wasn't finished to where Erken had hoped. So right now we are reworking on releasing a new and updated version. This update will fix bugs and glitches as well as addressing things that weren't done for 0.3.

There is a lot of stuff to look forward to until the next release such as bug and glitch fixes. We are also balancing some factions and units as well. Rhun will get some retexturing and remodeling. A new Dol Guldor building will be added. Morgul will receive the Morgul Sanctum, more information will be revealed on that. We are also working on a new intro movie too. The Rivendell Captain from our drawing/design competition on the forums will be finished. For more information on this, check out the links below.

There will be no new factions in this release, but there will be in the next beta after this, 0.4. Hang around the forums or leave comments on additional stuff we must improve, but please don't spam around asking when it will be released or put pressure on a release. The more stress = the more sloppy work = the more delaying, so if you want it, help us instead of irritate us, help us with ideas, do bug and glitch testing, battle
online or against computers to balance test.

Our website is now done. The new website has a new and fresh design. It has new features such
as the Replay and Strategy Guide sections. There is also a new Ranking system, where players can battle it out and move up the ranks. At the moment the site is still a WIP, there are a lot of things that are not finished like the Galleries. More detailed information will be revealed soon, but you get the hang of it. :)

Be sure to check out the download sections find the newest version of the mod, add-ons and map packs or check the forums.

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