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Beta 02 of Dibella's Watch has been released with a lot of new stuff. Read more about it here.

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Beta 02 has already been out for more than 24 hours. Due to the fact that I have upload problems with ModDB and although I've written a post about it on the ModDB support forum but had no reply, you won't be able to get the latest version of the mod from here, but have to go to TesNexus to get it. Sigh.

Here's the update History.

Beta Version 02, February 13, 2011

- Added missing textures.
- Packaged Coronerra's Maximum Compatibility Skeleton as an Optional File with the mod.
- Added Region system with different weather chances as well as ambient sounds.
- Continued work on the island's landscape, mainly in the south.
- Created Sachsmoor Trading Station with Interiors, NPC's and proper AI.
- Created the shell of Vernuzen City, a Woodelf foothold in Dibella's Watch.
- Updated some interiors. Castle Mournrest in The City for example.
- Created the Red Heart Inn, a little ode to Desele's old establishment.
- Added a Dance and a Dancer's outfit to go with the above.
- Added MrSiika's Static Armour and Luxury Bed resources for official interiors.
- Added several waterfalls and created rivers and streams.
- Introduced Palm Trees (modder's resource) in the Southern regions.
- A new armour is available. Redguard Bronze.
- Some minor work has been done around Wordham and the Deadtree Homelands.
- Wrote the first Quest, "The Maroon".

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