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Patch 0.155 has been problematic to say the least I've been working hard on solutions and will release a new patch 0.16 to resolve them. But to make up for the trouble I've got some information.

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Beta 0.16

Beta 0.155 hasn't gone entirely to plan to say the least but it looks like I've fixed all the big problems and I'm almost ready to release Beta 0.16 which will be up later today.

Beta 0.16 Fix List

The problems with the launcher have now been fixed and the patch checker should work as intended.
The bases issue has also been fixed.
But that's not all I've decided to add in a couple of the Dunland 2.0 changes into 0.16 like the new unit Adorn Champions.

The Adorn Champions are a strong melee horde that wield large blades in battle.
Available from the level 3 Dunland Steading.
War Hounds have been from the Hut to Farms and are now available after the War Craft spell has been purchased.

A new Faction Upgrade is being added to Dunland called Fire Brands which upgrades the Hobelars to attack structures with Fire Brands dealing strong damage to structures.

Visual improvements have been made to some of Dunland's structures like the Farm and Camp Walls.
Dunland will also now have access to Postern Gates in their castles.
Various other balance changes have also been made.

But you'll have to wait till Beta 0.2 for the rest of Dunland 2.0's changes
Like a second new Faction Upgrade, a new hero and another new unit.

8th Faction

With Rivendell the 7th faction almost upon us I've already got plans for the 8th faction.
It will be released by April 14th.
There are a couple factions that are all at about the same point in development but it's most likely going to be Harad.

For those who have been following Lone Wolf for a while will know that April 14 is the anniversary of Lone Wolf so my plan is to have half of the factions released by then.

The Big Secret

I little while ago I teased a secret plan for Return of Shadow's future well time to reveal.

The Lindon faction for Age of Numenor is also a Return of Shadow faction.
(Bum bum Baaaaaaam!)

The Lindon faction was originally intended for the Lone Wolf and I've always planned to release Lindon as the 17th Faction.

The faction will be almost the same for both mods.
Some work on this faction has been done already but it's still a while off it's planned for after the 1.0 release.

Also I'm looking to release a first beta of Age of Numenor this year sometime probably after July like Return of Shadow I'll be releasing factions periodically.
The basic factions Gondor, Mordor and Northmen will be in it as well as possibly Arnor and who knows maybe Lindon.

A little bit of Rivendell

2 Preview screens of Rivendell.
First is Elrond fighting on horseback which gets unlocked with the Peredhel Armour faction upgrade.
As you can see Dunland's let the dogs out (turns out it was them this whole time).
The AI loves using the dogs now and they can be quite dangerous for the unwary.

Second screenshot is of the Noldor Chargers (renamed from the Imladris Chargers) riding head first into the jaws of the War Hounds.

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