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BETA 0.1 is just around the corner :) Read more for extra information ;)

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BETA 0.1 Around the Corner

Hey everyone.
After discussion with the team, BETA 0.1 shall be released on the 22nd of October (22/10/2012)
This shall be the very first release of From Book to Game and I'm many of you have been very excited to play :p
We're very sorry about the time difficulties as tech-trees and mods have come and gone ;)

What will BETA 0.1 include?

  • Dunedain faction at a very stable state
  • New Menu
  • New Shellmap
  • New Maps
  • Launcher
  • New Skins
  • And a few new Models

Note: All the progress you have seen on the Wild (Goblin) faction shall not be included in BETA 0.1

Thank you everyone for your continued support and the release is only two weeks around the corner ;)

Yours sincerely, the From Book to Game team

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