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Volume 6 of my video development blog detailing production of my 3D platforming game, Besus: Journey for Vitality.

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After 4 long months, I am continuing my video development blogs detailing production of Besus: Journey for Vitality.

Updates covered in this volume include:

  • True analog controls
  • Jump height based on how long the jump button is held down
  • Special enemy abilities, respawns, and "death's"
  • Preventing the player from continually running in to a wall
  • Crushers and spike traps
  • Player launcher (on a spline) and shooting from a cannon
  • New pickup to increase maximum (total) health
  • Level Two progress and the sidescroll area within
  • Overhaul of Kart racing mechanics and physics
  • New "ball rolling" side-game mechanics implemented

You can continue to follow development of the game at:

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