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This will be an update platform for the mod + Bertram lines finished.

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So, I figured that this little site might be a good way just to highlight the progress I make on the mod as it happens, as a way to track my thought and drum up interest. In any case, it will at least make people realize this isn't some dead pipe dream that's never going to happen ... you know like the official sequel to this game.

Anyways, I finished lip syncing the lines the voice actor provided for Bertram Tung. Tung is the quest giver for the Nosferatu clan quest, and the actor that gave him a (new) voice did an amazing job staying true to the original voice actor. As a fan of the PnP game, this voice actor, even provided guidance in the writing, and added a lot of depth and lore to the quest dialog. He's set a high bar for the quests I didn't have his help for, so Nossie fans should be in for a real treat once I get this bad boy out there for download.

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