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Behind Enemy Lines Info News: This mod focuses on special operations during world war two and this mod is an updated version of Commandos Corps mod. It adds new Commandos Units and Regular Support Army Units, Germans has only one Commando Unit commanded by Otto Skorzeny, all other units are regular army units of german regular army and basic infantry formations. Mod by SAS_19 Team from Croatia.

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About mod

We started in to work on this mod in June, 02, 2010. This mod is tribute
to all commandos strike force units during world war two and we want to
create a new type of warfare in Battlefield 1942 PC Game. It`s an
updated version of our Commandos Corps mod, that wasn`t successful and
we also still working on him. The mod Behind Enemy Lines will be better
designed than his previous mod Commandos Corps. We want to make a new
branch of army and military and then place them in a Battlefield 1942 PC
Game. The new units will follow: 101.Airborne Division the"Screaming
Eagles", 82.Airborne Division the"All American", 3rd Tank Army
the"Patton`s Own", German Commandos the famous Otto Skorzeny Unit,
Allied Norwegian Commandos, Russian Partisans, Italian Partisans, Aliied
Commandos Strike Force the"Strike Force, Strike First", 6th Airborne
Division the"Pegasus Own, Special Air Service the SAS, 506.Easy Company
the"Band of Brothers", Allied Glider Regiment, Chindits the"Glorious
Burma Fighting Men", Merrill`s Marauders or Unit Galahad Special
Operations Light Infantry the"5307th Composite Unit (provisional)",
Office of Strategic Services the"OSS young Amateurs", United States Army
Rangers the"Rangers Lead the Way, Elite Commando Abwehr Units
the"German Special Operations Unit and Military Intelligence Service",
3rd Armored Division the"Third Herd, Spearhead", United States Marine
Corps the"Semper Fidelis", United States Navy, Allied Navy, British
Navy, Yugoslav Partisans, Free French Forces, Soviet Red Army
Paratroopers the"VDV-Vozdushno-Desantnye Vojska", French Resistance
Movement, French Partisans the"Maquis", Vichy Forces, Collaborationist
Forces, SOE the"Special Operations Executives, Heroes of Baker Street,
the Baker Street and Camp X Irregulars, Bletchley Park Service/Agency
and much more units will follow when the mod will be released. The new
weapons will follow: BAR 1918, TNT Explosive, TNT Detonator, Plastic
Explosive Semtex, Timed Bomb, COLT M1911/A1 and COLT M1911/A2, BROWNING
M1919, Offensive Grenade M1 and M2, Deffensive Grenade M1 and M2,
Bazooka, Heavy Mortar Light Weight 65mm, Airborne Mortar 48mm, Light
Medical Mobile Bed on mounted on Chest, Bangalore Torpedo, Light Sniper
Lee Enfield 303.Caliber, MP40, MP42, MG42, MG34, FG42, STG42, Mauser
C96. Mauser M98, Luger Parabellum, Walther P38, Walther Rifle, Mauser
Sniper Rifle, Rifle Grenade Launcher, M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, M2 Carbine,
M2 Garand, Webley Revolver, Thompson Submachine Gun, Johnson Rifle,
Johnson Light Machine Gun, Johnson Heavy Machine Gun, Flamethrower,
Flammenwerfer, Grease Gun, PPSH-41, DP-41, Mosin-Nagant Rifle, TT-33
Tokarev, Satchel Charges, Heavy Anti-Tank Hand Grenades, Delay Action
Munitions Unit Bombs and much more weapons will follow in a release of a
mod. The new armament will follow: Aircraft Delay Action Bombs,
Aircraft Rockets, Katyusha Realistic Rocket Munitions Load Unit, B17
Strategic Bomb Run Added up to 800 bomb bay load-no more only 8 bombs,
Tiger Tank 4 seat added, Landing Craft now can carry a tank with option
of fire on enemy, JU-88 has realistic bomb run up to 200 bombs bay load,
JU-87 has realistic siren and more dive bombing abilities and can carry
only 20 bombs, all sniper rifles (carbine) carry 10 bullets in one
cartridge, BAR has limited ammo up to 50 cartridges, Sherman Tank now
can fire when floating on water in Omaha Beach map, added real sonar and
radar abilities to the all vehicles in game, Radio commands fixed and
installed real U.S.Army Radio Commands to the game, all vehicles now
have radio on 5th seath-commander now can call airstrike or naval
artillery direct to the chosen or request target or marked area for
bombardment, all vehicles now haw an infantry telephone especially
tanks, ships now use sonar, radio and radar abilities, panzers now have
german radio on 5th seat, added radio controlled guns and artillery,
added heavy tanks from secret weapons of ww2 to the mod, increased the
rate of fire for mg and guns on light tanks, added Super-Heavy Tanks to
the mod, added Airborne Carrier C-47 to the mod (Gunship), added truck
James with aa gun and mg on top of cabin, added real binoculars and
periscope to all armored land vehicles, added artillery spotter on 3 or 4
seat on all coastal defense artillery gun emplacements, heavy gun takes
more time to load a shell and much more armaments will follow in
release of the mod. The vehicles will follow: Panzer IV, Tiger VI,
Sherman DD-Duplex Drive Tank, Sherman Calliope, M10 Achilles, M36
Jackson, M7 Priest, MGMC AA-Mobile Vehicle, James Truck, Panzer VIB King
Tiger, T34, T43/85, T34/76, T34/85, IS1, IS2, IS3, IS4, IS5, KV1, KV2,
T35, Katyusha Heavy Rocket Launcher, Katyusha Standard Rocket Launcher,
LVT-4A, LCVP, T28/29, M26 Pershing, M30-? Secret Weapon of Allies,
Desert Patrol Vehicle, Desert Willis, Halftrack, added 4 or 5 eats to
all vehicles, stationary howitzers now can be controlled with radios,
smoke grenades and scout binoculars, stationary unmanned aa gun bofors
or only one ai bot can fire against enemy aircraft or controlled by
radar, artillery strike added-smoke grenade-binoculars-radio in
alphabetical order request, recon vehicle added with mg support and much
more vehicles will be added in release of the mod. The new aircraft
will follow: B17 Strategic Bomber, P51 Mustang, Escort Bomber B24E
Liberator version E, B25 Bomber, Torpedo Bomber Fighter Avenger, JU88,
JU52, JU87, ME109, ME110, Lancaster Bomber, Lancaster Transport
Aircraft, C47 Dakota, LI-2/C47-Lisunov, IL-2 Stormmovik Ilyushin,
Tupolev Bomber, Petlyakov Fighter Bomber, Spitfire Supermarine
Rolls-Royce, Thunderbolt, B25 Mitchell, Yak 9 fighter, long range attack
fighter, amerika bomber ME262, ME163 komet, Gotha flying wing, B29
super fortress, B36 Convair, Goblin experimantal attack fighter, Night
bomber HE-111, Night Fighter P61 Black Widow, V-1, V-2, V-3, Wasserfall
rocket, Antipodal bomber, German Space Program Aircraft-Project UFO,
Project Amerika Aircraft and much more will come in release of the mod.
The new equipment will follow: Radio Station, Radio-walkie talkie, Scout
Radio, lethal knife or throwing knife, lethal killer underwater
equipment, frogmen diving equipment, wire cutter, machete for jungle of
the pacific, gas grenades, molotov cocktail, napalm grenade, supply
drop, suppressor, KA-BAR knife, Gas Mask, Diving Mask, Winter Clothing,
All four theater/terrain camouflage equipment, Smoke Grenade, No.73 Hand
anti-tank grenade, Grappling Hook, Rope Ladder, Special Operations
Binoculars, Harpoon Gun, Inflatable Boat, Flare Gun, Scottish Bagpipes
added-during combat-one soldier have a bagpipe he can play a bagpipe
during combat, Whistles added-officer carry one whistles, Astronaut
Space Suit added, anti G-Suit added, Black Uniform added for Allied
Commandos-it can be used during night combat and much more will be in a
release of the mod. The new maps will follow: Battle of Mimoyecques,
Death over Britain-about V-1 and V-2 attack, Death Sky-bomber attack on
German Facilities in Europe-commando attack follows on the ground, Snow
Demon-Commando Battle of Trondheim, Special Duty-Destruction of four
bridges in Normandy after D-Day by Otto Skorzeny Unit, Night of Samurai
Eagles-the battle for Mariana Islands-Japanese air attack, Wingate
Patrol-battle of North Africa-Tunisia SAS Patrol, Patton`s Sword-battle
of Kasserine Pass-commando version-very small number of tanks with
allied airborne landing, Cross of Iron-the battle for eastern front and
first use of russian VDV Airborne troops in the map and the game, Black
Balkan-Allied Night Airborne Operation, Red Hammer-Battle of
Kiev-russian airborne assault and partisan support, Operation Black
Prince-bombing of Trondheim and hunt for Tirpitz, St.Nazaire-Commando
battle for St.Nazaire and Destruction of U-boat Pens, Raid on
Drvar-German Commando and Airborne Operation and Yugoslav Partisans, Is
Paris Burning-OSS mission in Paris during 1944 and after Normandy
Landings, Black Shadow-Battle of Burma with Chindits, Belgrade
Nightmare-Allied Bombing of Belgrade in 1944 during easter holiday-after
bombing the Russian Army started the offensive, Patton the
Lion-Patton`s Support Artillery Mission during Commandos-borne operation
in Carentan and Brest-two maps, Stalin takeout-german commando mission
of stealing of documents about Josif Stalin tank, Phantom Tito-map about
Tito`s most daring missions of the war in 1944 before D Day second
effect-when Wehrmacht started to send the reinforcement from Grecce
through Yugoslavia to Normandy-that was the job for Tito`s
Phantoms(Partisans-Partisan Warfare in real nature-Phantom), Austrian
America-map about german project america and amerika bomber-SS against
american commandos and OSS units, Fall of man-battle of Berlin and the
last Commando Mission of War-Russian NKVD and VDV Forces entered
Berlin-the end of Commando Units, Downed in Flames-map about D Day and
Commandos Missions before Morning landings, New York V-3-in this map was
represent the real target of the project amerika and german long range
target-OSS against Abwehr, Mission Tirpitz-in this map was represent the
naval/marines commandos in pocket submarines in Norway and Northern
Seas against german pocket battleships, Russian Star-map about Russian
Partisans-battle takes place in Ukraine, Nazi Torpedo-map about allied
attack on U-boat Pens in Norway and Steal Mission of documents of Naxos
Prototypes the Sonar and Enigma equipment-Rangers and OSS against Elite
SS Units and Wehrmacht, Bloody Factory-map about allied airborne
commando raid on german factories that produce equipment for HS-290
guided bomb/rocket anti-ship rocket, Steel Ham-map about commando action
in Hamburg and harbour sabotage of equipment-American Rangers and
British SOE Agents/Commandos against german workers/abwehr agents/SS
Units, Clear Sky for Tito-map about first Partisan Spitfires to be
launched against germans in Balkans-Yugoslav Partisans/Balkan Air Force
against SS Units on the ground-this was the first mission that Guerilla
Forces had an Airplane in Combat against well equipped enemy large
force, Lost Airfield-map about Partisan mission of stealing the axis
aircraft and returning them to the secret Partisan Airfield in
Balkans-Yugoslav Partisans against German airfield personnel and pilots,
Target is Takao-map about British Commando/pocket submarine attack on
Battleship Takao in Singapore Harbor-British naval Professionals against
Japanese Navy Regulars/Personnel, Last Bridge-map about last bridge
destroyed by Commandos-American Rangers against Wehrmacht Commando,
Mission Broken Window-map about Allied Attack on Italian Harbor of
Taranto, British Bombers and American Paratroopers against German
Naval/Harbor Personnel, Operation Crossbow-map about bombing the German
V-2 Complex in Peenemunde also shown in a movie Operation Crossbow-OSS
and British Bombers against German Factory Personnel/SS and Gestapo
Units (Gestapo Uniforms Added and White Coats/Suits to the
scientists-one or two soldiers in a game are scientists and they have an
scientist uniform like Medal of Honor Games or Real World), Convoy for
Murmansk map shows an mixed Commando/Naval battle performed by Soviet
Red Army Military and Naval Intelligence Service and Western Allied
Merchant Ships and German Navy/Army/Airforce/Gestapo/Abwehr/Coastal
Artillery Personnel and much more maps will be added in the release of
our completely new mod Behind Enemy Lines 1.01.

Date of Progress:02.June.2010

Date of Release:25.October.2010

Author:SAS_19 Team from Croatia!

New date of progress:02.June.2010
New date of release:20.March.2011
Author:SAS_19 Team from Croatia!

We had some problems with uploading the mod on some pages and fixing the bugs in maps and objects. We hope that you will understand our delay of posting and uploading the mod to the bf1942 and other pc games pages.

Many thanks for your support and help in creating the mod Behind Enemy
Lines and also thank a lot for your cooperation and happiness in playing
the our mod.

We hope that you all will enjoy our mod and play it for fun and test our
new maps and many thanks to the Team for
Posting/Placing our mods and news to their site and web page.

SAS_19 Team from Croatia!

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