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Right now we are working on creating Prefabs. WE have some pretty cool plans using this neat feature.

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The Prefabs feature is still new to the engine we're using but we plan on using this tool to create our first game. Since its still being worked on it is not as smooth as it might be when its finished. Cant wait when its finished maybe then I can post something to show you... Permission pending of course. As for our commander and chief who does every thing and I mean every thing. I mean it's good to be able to multitask, but what he does is ridiculous. Everything from Modeling right down to programming. As much as I'd like to get his team photo on the page it'll take a while due to the fact that he doesnt want to; at least not right now.
Since he was the first to try out the engine he found some bugs that need some hammering. Hopefully that's something that can be fixed before we get near an alpha phase, but I wont hold my breath these kind of things take time. Our Artist/Sound guy and some other friends of ours are currently working on new banners for the ModDB site to make them seem less common and more unique. We're even holding a small contest to see who can make the best banner.
Other then that I thought up of some more Ideas to put in our "Blue Book" as did the fearless leader. Of course these are only idea's that now only haunt the back of our heads and our Blue Book. Only to be realized by those with the heart to create them. To be built by the working man and woman. I hope to be posting at least two new bulletins each month. one at the beginning and one at the end briefing those interested enough to keep tabs on our humble business we wish to start for ourselves. Until next time.

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