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Hey Guys! I'm going to start this off saying that I intend to release some games as soon as possible, this is my first time writing something like this so sorry if it's not great, anywaysss...

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BeeNumb - Blog 1

1: Introduction
I'm a 16 year boy who's been interested in programming and design since the age of 9, I have always wanted to make a living off game development and have it as a life long career, so I started this. My favorite genres will reflect on what type of games I create, I am a huge fan of Strategy games such as Warcraft and Civilization. I enjoy playing FPS games and intend to make a MMOFPS in the distant future but I will hardly (if ever) make FPS games here.
From writing this so far I realize it's sounding like I'm the only one working here however me and a real life friend Charles (mansontaco) will be developing together and more people are sure to join as I progress.

2: Planned Games
Some of the games I plan to develop early on is a simple Text-Based RPG and a Tower Defense game, not much for starters but later on once I get better I will be releasing some Strategy games I don't feel comfortable disclosing now.

3: Engines
The first few games will be trial games engines wise, I hope to work with Game of Engines ( in it's alpha stages and hopefully purchase the final release if it's as good as it looks. I will probably do some work with Unity too.

4: Summary
So pretty much we're a indie game development startup looking to have long lasting effect on the Video Game Market, thanks for reading. We'll keep ya' posted.

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