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The long awaited update to Squad Level Tactics is still in the works! I know I promised an update a long time ago, but it just never all came together.

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There have been some pretty interesting developments in regards to the Open Gamers United entity database and I'm waiting for the next release to move forward with the update. What will it mean. How about the use of new weapon/optics combinations? Also there is some serious work being done to vehicle handling and mounted weapon combinations. All of this makes it completely worth the wait for the next release. In fact, I'd say it will make DR feel like a new game.

I'm also trying to work out a solution for what I've discovered as a shortcoming of the game itself that will not allow you to alter the xml files and have them read into the engine without restarting the game. With the new campaign format, I want to be able to use this method so that where you retire one run is where you start the next. Without forcing the player to do this manually by picking the startzone at which they last ended the game, I can't think of another way to do it.

So those are the issues that are delaying the release of the next Squad Level Tactics. Don't worry, this will be worth the wait!!

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