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This group has had no activity since it was first made, so i thought id change that! (Hope thats ok with you Nik440/Catalyst[im guessing ur the one who made this group])

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Well what im going to be doing on this group(I hope) is uploading lots and lots of pictures and videos and i also might add links to as many open beta game downloads as i can find on the web(and a few from moddb you may or may not know of), just for those that are interested in checking out some new games that havent become too popular yet but most of them will probably be mmo's because there are so many of them out there its scary but anyways more of that later.

Now i will be uploading pictures of all the coolest games or mods around and i will upload vids of them aswel. I will also upload funny game vids, game music vids and game trailers the reason i will be uploading these almost random things is because it will make the groups rank increase and then we will hopefully get more members and then eventualy get game/mod developers to use this group for what it was origanally made for! By now you may have already seen the pictures i uploaded and i urge you guys to comment on the pics and on this article and be a little more active on this group you guys should also comment to tell me (or Nik440/Catalyst) what pics or vids you would want to see in the group.

Heres a funny vid of half life 2 characters on a counter strike map just because im bored and someone might just smile at this very random vid!
CHOCOLATE video - weasil - Mod DB

So guys please spread the word about this group and encourage game developers on moddb to let us test their games for them!


Yeah man its fine, im a lil too busy with study at school and other stuff thats screwing up my mind atm, so Yeah sure go for it, this group was kind of a muck around to see if anyone would accually join, and its gone over my expectations already.

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Haha! Way to go Kleiner! If you don't mind, I'll be doin some of the same stuff.

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weasil Author

Shot bro!! maybe you could upload some stuff to download!

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hey i will post some stuff if it is ok!!!

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