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Classic Deathmatch has been added to Demons with Shotguns!

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Demons with Shotguns originally didn't include a Deathmatch mode in the classical sense where players fight to simply earn the highest number of frags. The game mode that was called "Deathmatch" was something completely different, in which players frag each other to release their soul, and you only gained a point if you collected it. Now, that game mode is called Soul Reaping and Deathmatch is, well, Deathmatch!

So to reiterate, the rules of Soul Reaping are

  • Players start with 5 souls
  • When a player dies, they release one of their souls, and it's now up for grabs for anyone to collect
  • When a player loses all of their souls, they can no longer respawn
  • First person to collect 10 souls, or be the last person standing, wins

In Deathmatch,

  • Players start with a frag score of 0
  • Each frag earns the player a point
  • If you kill yourself somehow, you lose a point
  • First person to frag limit wins

In other news, I really wasn't happy with the environmental design of Cemetery01, even after the few iterations (which I've talked about in the previous news post). Increasing the scale of the tree sprites really looked bad and uninteresting. Here's a before shot.

Thus, I decided to redo it completely. It's now more aligned with the other two Cemetery levels.

This looks much cleaner and more unified. Pixel sizes are the same throughout (I still have some trees creeping in the foreground and in the background through the windows) and I'm making some cool use of lighting with the candle lamps and lanterns.

You may also have noticed the conveniently placed iron cages dangling above our players. When shot at, they will break free and can crush any player underneath it!

I hope to have more of these type of environmental hazards throughout the game.

Ultimately though, all of the levels that you see are going to be completely redone. More on that soon!

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