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Here's a full list of what's to come in version 0.7 for BEC. Expect a release sometimes next week.

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Fixed a bug where when aiming down and crouched during a Gory Kill the kicked enemy would not function properly.
Fixed a bug where the Doctor Bag would try to auto heal you after you were dead.
Made the lettering for the underwater Oxygen Counter blue.
When throwing or dropping a bundle of TNT you cannot interact with enemies, thrown dynamite, or enemy projectiles.
When throwing or dropping a Proximity Mine you cannot interact with enemies, thrown dynamite, or enemy projectiles.
When throwing or dropping a Remote Bomb you cannot interact with enemies, thrown dynamite, or enemy projectiles.
When throwing or dropping an explosive flame canister with the Flamethrower you cannot interact with enemies, thrown dynamite, or enemy projectiles.
Cleaned up the end of the Single and Dual Sawed Off reloading animations which sped them up a tiny bit more.
Tossing explosive flame canisters with the Flamethrower now costs 30 rounds of ammo instead of 20.
A bloodpool is created when you are killed.
Recolored Blasphemus Canisters' weapon sprites.
Fire Mode 1 for the Blasphemous Canisters has had a fire rate increase.
Fire Mode 2 for the Blasphemous Canisters activates Purify which auto targets enemies around you for 5 seconds and sends bullets their way in rapid succession. Requires a 10 second cooldown after each use and can be cancelled with the Fire Mode 2 button once started.
Beast Vision Powerup has been replaced by a demonic railgun weapon called the Devil's Bore.
Devil's Bore-
Fire Mode 1: Fires a railgun projectile that punches through any object caught in it's path stopping only for walls, ceilings, and floors.
Fire Mode 2: With Beast Vision enabled, this will engage or disengage an auto targeting system that will highlight all enemies in between the range display with a green target wherein they may then be shot with a "fire and forget" railgun projectile using the Primary Fire Button.
Fire Mode 3: Fires up to 2 portals that can be used to warp from one place to another or set traps for enemies by being able to have them or your own explosives pass through the rifts.
Fire Mode 4: Enables/Disables Beast Vision which marks enemies on screen with a red crosshair and pickups with a green arrow.
The Mourning Codex's Fire Mode 3 heart crushing attack now creates a giant black whole which sucks surrounding enemies into it doing severe damage until they die and are pulled into the vortex.
The Mourning Codex's Fire Mode 4 lightning storm attack no longer slows you down while using it and you are invincible during the entire attack.
Fixed many sound effects not looping properly which in turn fixed many sound glitches when custom looping sounds were present.
Fixed a bug for the Beast not making fire sound effects when throwing fire projectiles.
Running burning bodies now die when falling off of ledges or becoming airborne.
Added a burning flare sizzle sound effect to flare projectiles that can be heard while they're in flight or stuck in an enemy.
Added a translucent effect to the Dead Screen blood.
Removed the red screen overlay when using Beast Vision and replaced it with a translucent screen border.
Voodoo Axe Zombie Allies will teleport to your location if you get too far away from them.
Added explosion specific effects to walls and ceilings.
Added surface specific bullet impact effects for floors, walls, and ceilings.
Optimized code for dead bodies dealing damage to nearby objects while moving.
Added a higher quality Monolith Productions splash video.
Added a higher quality GT Interactive splash video.
Optimized gore system for increased stability and compatibilty with latest interaction scripts.
Restored voxel rotation for key pickups, armor pickups, magical weapon pickups, and magical powerups.
Increased the launch speed of the Napalm Cannon's bouncing Fire Mode 3 projectile.
Fire Mode 2 for the Napalm Cannon now launches a projectile similar to Fire Mode 1's projectile but on impact will release many bouncing napalm bomblets.
Tesla Cultists have a chance of being replaced by Priest Cultists on medium or higher difficulties.
All headshots now do 1.5X bonus damage, and vary depending on what bullet type is being used, instead of doing an additional blanket damage bonus.
Burning Flesh Gargoyles will now chase after you and explode dealing fire damage when near you.
Cerberus's Burning Aura attack now uses the current difficulty setting to increase or decrease the damage radius, but does the same damage across all difficulties.
Optimized the Gatling Gun scripts a bit more to accomodate stopping Fire Mode 4 from cranking up with Fire Mode 1 or 2.
The Tesla Cannon's BFG projectile no longer fires out projectiles in random directions or has a damage radius, it now seeks out any enemy it can see and deliberatley does electrical damage to them over time and fires out projectiles at them in flight before exploding.
Enhanced the particle effects produced by the BFG Tesla Cannon projectile while in flight and added sound effects.
Added streaming fireball effects to all explosions that deal explosive damage.
Reconfigured Flamethrower impact splash damage to stop blood from spawning when hitting enemies.
Toned down damage done by Cultist Priest Flamethrower projectiles.
Toned down damage done by Beast fire projectiles.
Added 4 more voxels for map object sprites.
While in Demon Mode tapping the JUMP button will make you leap high into the air and holding down the JUMP button will engage Flight Mode where you can move in any direction using the movement keys.
While in Flight Mode pressing the JUMP button will move you straight up.
While in Flight Mode pressing the CROUCH button will move you straight down.
While in Flight Mode pressing the RUN button will make you smash into the ground below causing heavy splash damage.
Gill Beasts on land will launch Bone Eels at you from their mouths if at a distance, and the Bone Eels launched have a chance of staying alive once on the floor becoming obstacles to you.
Gill Beasts underwater will spawn Bone Eels from their mouths if at a distance.
Gill Beasts now have a leaping attack to close the gap between them and the player that does heavy damage.
Decreased time in between foot step sounds to better match Caleb's walking sprite animation.
When walking over dead bodies you will leave behind bloody footprints for around 20 steps.
When walking over dead bodies in Demon Mode you will smash the corpse beneath your feet and leave behind bloody footprints for around 20 steps.
Fire and some effects that shouldn't spawn underwater do not anymore.
Fixed some Cultist animation bugs when underwater.
Objects in water that fall to the bottom now do so at a much slower pace.
Edited weapon view sprites for the Napalm Cannon, Tesla Cannon, Flamethrower, and Rivet Cannon to look less like 3D model rips.
Allied Voodoo Axe Zombies can no longer be knocked down.
TNT Cultists now have a chance of throwing flamethrower canister fire bombs at long range that explode on impact.
TNT Cultists will commit suicide by blowing themselves up if you get within very close range for a very short period of time, be quick with those Gory Kills.
Tesla Cultists now have a charged Tesla Blast attack that they may use while in long range combat.
Tommy Gun Cultists now have the ability to throw dynamite while in long range combat.
Phantasms now have a chance of releasing Red Ecto Skulls that will chase you down and explode on impact dealing heavy damage.
Fixed bugs on map E1M6 where Proximity Mine Traps would improperly go off and Bone Eels would die at the very start of the map.
Fixed a bug on map E1M7, Cheogh Boss Battle, where the map would end without killing Cheogh when a Flesh Gargoyle's corpse was gibbed.
Gatling Gun now ejects spent casings from a different position and in a different direction.
Added a Gib Cleaning System that will remove gibs every 30 seconds that are not inside a large range from your current position increasing FPS significantly overall.
Fixed a bug where you could Quick Kick enemies that were directly on the other side of a door.
Fixed a bug where particle effects emitted from weapons were not positioned properly when the player was crouching.
Priest Cultists now have a chance of throwing flamethrower canister fire bombs at long range that explode on impact.
Added muzzle smoke effects to bullet, shotgun, and flare weapons.
Increased melee attack speed when in Demon Mode.
Priest Cultists immediately transform into Beasts once they enter water.
Beasts can now swim under water and attack you properly.
When underwater Tesla Cultists will shock themselves and others around them when trying to shoot their weapons until they are dead.
Hell Hounds now have a leaping attack to close the gap between them and the player that does heavy damage.
Fixed bugs in the death animations triggered by body part specific hit detection that caused them to occur when they weren't supposed to.
Added 3 CD music tracks to cut down on the repetitive use of CD music tracks in maps.
Swapped out CD music tracks in maps that were overused with other CD music tracks that weren't used as much.
Added new CD music tracks for each Boss fight.
Hell Hands will now leap into the air and punch you if you are already being choked by another Hell Hand.


Great changelog list...the new weapon and all the significant changes to the enemies makes it sound like playing the latest version of Extra Crispy is almost like playing a different game! And I see now that there's even going to be more music added to the game with this mod, which is awesome!

Honestly, I find one of the most amazing parts to all of this is that Extra Crispy hasn't even made it to version 1.0 yet. It'll be interesting to see how different version 1.0 will be when compared to the v.0.1 beta.

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VGames Author

I haven't thought about that at all. LOL it's a huge difference for sure. I'll be releasing something sometime next week. So look out for it.

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You're doing gods work with this Mod.

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VGames Author

Lol thanks man. That’s epic.

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Since I discovered this mod I cannot play any vanilla campaign without it because it is amazing, really adds a fresh new gameplay to the game and makes very enjoyable to play with the max monster count for each map without worrying too much for the ammo. Thanks for the hard work!

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