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Beavers be Dammed, a two player local co-op game, just released for free on Steam Early Access!

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Hello Hoomans, Beavers and otter animals!

Do you like beavers? Do you enjoy hijacking timber from a sawmill owned by an evil lumberjack? Do you love accidentally pushing your friends into fiery pits? Have we got a game for you!

Today Beavers Be Dammed entered early access, which means that everyone can download the game FOR FREE from our Steam page!

Beavers Be Dammed has been in development for about seven weeks by a team of six students at the university of applied sciences in Rotterdam.

Your objective is to steal wood from sawmills before the time runs out. To bea-very specific, you and a beaver buddy gnaw your way into the mill, locate the timber and maneuver those heavy logs towards the drop-off point. BEAWARE! You will be dodging sharp saw blades, avoid being cooked by feisty flamethrowers and more hazards in this crazy humorous party game experience.

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