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In this update: new downloadable demo, a BIG upgrade in performance, visual improvements, new sounds, and a lot more!

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Hello everyone,
It's been a while since the last demo release, so prepare yourself for this huge update!


Everything you read in this article you can find it and play it in the third BeardedBear demo, that you can download here:

BeardedBear - Demo 03


  • First of all: performance have undergone major improvements.
    The particles created from the explosions are now actual particles from particle system and not object, they are limited and based on how many particles are already present on the screen.
    I removed the old CRT-like shader and replaced it with an object which do the same effects (and even better), and it's a lot lighter on the performance.
    Now what you see as scanlines are simply some draw_line through your screen. It should even display the line properly on every screen resolution (and you can also change the lines width!)

  • The old font has been replaced with a new one entirely made e me, and I hope everyone agree that it's much cooler than the previous one ;)


  • Speaking of text, I made a shuffling text object which makes the text a bit more "interesting".


  • Sounds also has been improved. Every weapon have a shooting sound, and enemies have sounds too!
  • In the visual updates we can find a new sprite for the enemies spawned by the cocoon, enemy hit animations, visual effects for the level up, a change of the fire blending mode(you can see it in the first image of this article), some more info about unlocking weapons in the loading menu, and a sprite which show your current position in time on the "power up menu".


  • Menus now are much cooler and more BeardedBear-ish:




  • Last but not least: new weapons are now present in the game (wavegun, revolver, and reverse gun), with a new bullet type (the weapon-bullet). And the whole weapon system has been changed since I introduced the magazines-reloading mechanic (don't worry, the bullets are still infinite).




Here you can find all the changelog as always:

  • Added new BeardedFont
  • Added shuffling text
  • Added nonshader scanlines
  • Added vignette overlay
  • Added brightspot
  • Added blood particle system
  • Added reloading time
  • Added magazines
  • Added new sounds
  • Added enemy hit sound
  • Added enemy death sound
  • Added particle effect to explosion
  • Added blood particle to critters
  • Added splash effect on level up
  • Added 7th level
  • Added weapon as bulletType
  • Added splashed enemy level ups
  • Added enemy hit sprite effect
  • Added newweaponunlocked info text in loading
  • Added and Edited all the bang sounds
  • Added audio sliders and control
  • Added revolver as weaponType
  • Added bouncing power to fire bullets
  • Added reverse gun as weaponType
  • Added info path of the journey in power up menu
  • Added limiter to explosions particles and stuff
  • Added wavegun as weaponType
  • Added cool rebinding
  • Added cool pause menu
  • Added cool audio menu
  • Changed sprite for walkers from cocoons
  • Changed blend mode on fire
  • Changed how granades interact with enemy
  • Changed double line shuffling text to two separated obj
  • Changed exp depth
  • Changed portal coolness
  • Changed minigun
  • Changed flamethrower
  • Changed level unlocking for weapons
  • Cleaning up some enemy code
  • Removed crt shader
  • Removed old font
  • Fixed still running bug
  • Fixed weird controls with timestop
  • Fixed old weapon and old bullet bug
  • Fixed normal bullet collision with platforms
  • Fixed enemy walker cocoon death sprite
  • Fixed height problem on platforms
  • Fixed undeltatimed granades
  • Fixed level BB at level zero after death bug
  • Fixed no crate at spawn
  • Fixed scanlines problem with different resolution
  • Fixed reverse gun with granade
  • Fixed granades

*Known problems: if the game crash when you try open the exe with an error like this:
"FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation
ShaderName: fxBloom
D3DXCompile failed - result
at gml_Object_objBloomOverlay_Draw_0"
then you may have an outdated version of directX. You can try update it or if you can't do that you have to go in your appdata folder->local->beardedbear and create an file named "options.ini" with this inside:
this file will disable the shader and the game will run fine ;)*

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