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The first BeardedBear's update! In this update: Medieval level, music stuff, enemies mk2, bullets types OP!

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Hello everyone,
I welcome all of you in the Middle Age!

Finally the exams in University are all over and I can focus again on coding, pixelart-ing, and doing stuff in my game!

This week I managed to design and draw all the medieval level as you can see in the video. The medieval level is the sixth level of the game and is the first one with the stronger enemies, as you can also see in the video.

In the video you can also notice that some bullet that I shoot are different (for example the lasers, sometimes they are pink, other times they are orange), well that's because I'm finally working on the musical part of the game. Every bullet type has a "normal bullet" and an "OP bullet" with some bonus effect added to the normal one (For example OP arrows now pierce through enemies,OP granades creates bigger explosion, OP fire create a mini explosion which creates more fire,and so on..). The player will shoots the OP bullet instead of the normal one, if he shoot exactly when the beat of the sing hits. And to make this even more awesome every time you pick up a weapon a song will start. This song is made by the union of a base and a more "melodic" part. The base of the song is unique for every weapon type you will pick up, and the melody of the song will be unique for the bullet type. (The music is not present in the video since is still work in progress)

I also balance and fixed a lot of things in the early game.. That code for that was pretty messy.

*If you missed my preview explanation of how the weapon system work, go check that out here : *

Here I leave a rough change-log, something that I've done can miss :

  • Added shotgun base
  • Added pistol base
  • Added normal bullet melody
  • Added counting the beat timer
  • Changed idle animation : now he feels the beat!
  • Changed audioTimer
  • ---
  • Added dards effect
  • A lot of unregistered work with music
  • Added bulletOP
  • Added arrowOP
  • Added granadeOP
  • Added fireOP
  • Added rocketOP
  • Added laserOP
  • Nerfed arrows
  • ---
  • Added Uzi music
  • Fixed enemy stuck in platforms bug
  • Fixed early portal spawn bug
  • Fixed no id in enemyHit game crash
  • Fixed arrow and dards passing through bug
  • Fixed enemy dead out of room bug
  • A lot of minor changes
  • Added medieval skin
  • Added rain effect in medieval level
  • Now explosions damages you
  • Fixed some bug in enemyHit- enemyDeath scripts
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