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An explanation of the Weapons generations system present in BeardedBear.

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Hello everyone,

Today I'll show another little thing about my game:

The Weapons Generation.

weapon schema

*this image shows only the weapons and bullets' that there are in the game right now, but for my first official release there will be way more weapons and way more bullets*

In BeardedBear you will fine many many many combination. Yeah, you hear that right: combination.

Everytime you will pick up a crate it will dissapear and reappear somewhere else in the map and will give you a randomly generated weapon. This is created by selecting a random weapon type (Example : pistol, doublepistol, shotgun, uzi, minigun, flamethrower, ecc...) and a bullet type (Example: normal arcade bullet, arrows, water, granades, rockets, fire bullets, poison dards, laser, ecc...). This two elements combined will determine how your weapon will work. Every bullets has an unique effect, and every weapon has an unique rate of fire/spread/cooldown/range/ecc.

With this method you will find some silly weapons. For example the flamethrower shoots 20 bullets in something like 1 second with low range...But the bullets could be anything! You can shoots 20 fire bullets, 20 rockets, 20 granades and so on.

weapon cosine

Also you will be happy to hear that there is infinite ammo, so you can spam how much you like, BUT everytime you pick up a weapon a countdown will start and your weapon will overheat by simply having if in your hairy hands, so it will explode as soon as this timer reach the 0 (Normally now it's 15 seconds, but you can have some extra time with powerups) leaving you without anything for your offensive. You should always see where the crate respawn when you pick up a weapon, so you can prepare yourself to pick a new weapon before the one you have explodes.

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