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Here i show you a gameelement and it is not only decorative.

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Cubiflies aka cubi can fly (grammar included, sry ^^) in Beams.

Here a video first, where you can see the cubiflies in action.
I use them to control plorphlings morphstate for testing. I really like the look of this, but they are not only decorative, i explain a bit, how i want to integrate them, after the video.

Ok you have plants in Beams, producing seeds, when you got one seed, you have the chance to split them, with a clean laser cut, to make two out of one.
Something like a minigame, but without changing the view.
You grab the seed, activate the laser (if you have energy) and with a steady hand, you could split them.

Seeds could be inserted into a breeder, to breed out something, or simply change state of the seeds.
Catching of cubiflies possible. For now i want to use them to expand the "farming" zone, but i am not sure about that, perhaps some automated helper with the pro of automated seedspreading, but the downside of getting always only one seed, or similar.
Here a dirty sketch about production line.
With all that stuff integrated, never forget, it is a jumping puzzler game in first place.
You generate blocks to make your way to target destination, or when you like, you could stay forever and could bild what you want out of physic blocks.
Build barriers against ai, safe routes for your ai. And so on..

Next will be setup a head with morphtargets for the processor.
Kind regards Stefan :)


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