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BD4Y is a single player modification. Game is still under development but one chapter of the story is playable and available.

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A bit of storyline:

You are Sleipnir, sent to Sporodreki's island to figure out what is going on there, after doctor Stevastyan asked for help. He said being forced to work on a new weapon type with other scientists and will give vital informations in exchange of his rescue.
You have to find Stevastyan quickly, before other people find him!

One playable chapter available (~ 6 maps) gives you control of one member of a "terrorist" cell who took contact with Dr Stevastyan first. Your objectives are to lead your squadron and rescue Stevastyan.
These events take place before the "main story" begins.


* Solo campaign (no link with HL²'s world)
* Figure out the storyline trough in-game cutscenes, and play as several characters.
* Action, Infiltration, exploration based gameplay.
* Musics.
* Several endings according to player's choices.
* New skins for weapons and characters.

One chapter of the game is already playable and available here!

Official website:
Dowload link:

Note: English subtitles (original subtitles are in French):


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