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Battlestation has taken a leap forward and is ready to show the accomplishments. August 13th is a very special day as we launch a new Kickstarter and publish a new Battlestation game for mobile.

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Greetings commanders!

We've been busy all summer driving Battlestation: Humanity's Last Hope forward and preparing for a new Kickstarter. We have also developed a new Battlestation game on the side, called Battlestation: Harbinger. Initially we intended to publish only for mobiles but now that our engine supports PC as well we have submitted the game to Steam Greenlight and passed! Watch the trailer below:

Battlestation: Harbinger will be released August 13th for Android and iOS devices. The PC version will follow suit, we just have to redo the user interface and make the game more PC compatible. Battlestation: Harbinger is a premium game so there aren't any in-apps present.

Battlestation: Harbinger is a mix of turn based star map strategy and real-time space battles. Take command of a space ship in this epic sci-fi space adventure game, combining the game play of games like Faster Than Light, Out There and other space operas. With every new game being a new story, Battlestation: Harbinger offers a new, fresh experience every time, driven by modern roguelike gameplay. All the features implemented in Battlestation: Harbinger give you many strategic options and a significant depth to the game for you to explore. Experience the intense atmosphere of adventuring deep into space and trying to save the human race.

We also made an epic video of us preparing for August 13th. Every indie game developer deserves one, this game develoment thing is no walk in the park commanders!

We will return with the live Kickstarter! Be sure to register at to be the first one to play new Battlestation games:


We also have a Thunderclap campaign running and we would appreciate your help immensely:

This is Admiral Geezer logging out.

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